Beijing Live Music Quickslants: Metal, Funk, Punk with SUBS, Nitram, Pain etc..

Things are moving along nicely in Beijing with musical choices starting to improve again.. not that they’ve been bad to begin with! The “Don’t call us laowai” shindig at Mao that didn’t even make it to my radar until one day before is good proof that people oughta get out there and take chances on catching good gigs. Here’s some of the goodies that are available this week.

Wednesday July 21

Born From Pain @ Mao Live:
Sound pretty darn interesting! Good old European Metal in a place that has the right atmosphere for it. I don’t know much about the band but I’m tempted to go catch them anyways… The Falling & Unregenerate Blood open up the festivities.

Prins Nitram @ CD Jazz Cafe:
this guy is a one man band from Denmark leading the Danish invasion that is hitting Beijing this summer. I’ve listened to some samples and watched videos online which was enough to get me interested. As a friend from HK who saw him perform last week said: He might not be weird but he’s definitely quirky enough to give a shot to. oh, and the music not bad either. If u can’t catch him in this intimate venue tonight, come out to 2 Kolegas on thursday night

Thursday July 22:

As I mentioned above, the Prins Nitram show is really the one thing I’m interested in for this night. He’ll be hanging out at 2 Kolegas for fun times and schyzophrenic production.

Friday July 23:

SUBS Album Launch @ Mao Live:
Kang Mao and the gang are back in Beijing after touring most of north China and they’re bringing their new album along. The artwork for this baby is phenomenal and definitely worth picking up. The new songs are more musical and there is less screeching screams but no one is gonna try changing this band. My favorite new kids in town, The Dancers, open the festivities.

Note that The Redbucks had a gig scheduled for friday but has been canceled due to the venue experiencing some problems.

Saturday July 24:

Hummingbird@ Jiangjinjiu:
Latin flavored songs and melodies by a local band… if I have nothing better to do, I might actually head over there and see what’s going on.

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2 Responses

  1. Ruby says:

    Ok, according to TBJ email I just got SUBS is Sat? I was almost ready to get overly excited because I’ll be back for that. Please tell me it’s Saturday!!!!

  2. Beijing Daze says:

    TBJ screwed up! Mao, Douban and the SUBS website all say friday