Inmusic Festival 2010 in Hebei: good lineup, bad timing!

I never thought I’d write these words but here we go with another music festival in/around Beijing and I’m sincerely hoping that the promoters are not counting on the city’s residents to travel to another town, 3 hours away, so that they can attend this little event! I mean come on.. Beijingers have a hard time making it to shows in town, much less a 3 hour bus ride or a combined 4 hour train/bus ride away.

Anyways, the bill is actually quite tasty when you look at it with Friday July 30th the big winner in my book: SUBS, Demerit, Second hand Rose, ChunQiu, Yaksa and Pinkberry are all on hand for what should be an amazing day of music devoid of fans from Beijing… why the hate? it’s not hate, it’s reality… day 1 of a festival that is for all practical purposes in Zhanjiakou. Here’s hoping the Hebei-ren show up in masses to make it a success. I would have loved to be there for this one!

Saturday July 31st has the big name: Killing Joke! These guys are/were forefathers of British New Wave Heavy Metal serving as inspiration to the likes of Metallica. They join suffocated as the only names that might warrant a trip that far out.

Sunday, I don’t see a single name that’d make me wanna get out of the confines of Beijing’s 4th ring road. mind you, that’s not because they’re not good.. I can see then any give week.

had this been in Chaoyang Park, Tongzhou, Haidian or even Ditan, I would have spent all 3 days there but it ain’t enough to get me away. The city has plenty of great shows scheduled over the 3 days.

Plenty of people are writing about festival overload at this point and I can’t blame them… The bands are recycled, most of them play at least once a week in town and some of them are downright not outdoors acts!

My mama always said, if you ain’t got nothing good to say, shut your pie-hole and so I’m gonna do!
I wish the organizers all the success and the people that make the trek a safe journey with a great show. Hit the “more” link for a full schedule


do they look like hair metal to you? take note, City Weekend

Day 1- July 30, 2010

花舞台 (Flower Stage) 黑舞台 (Black Stage) 白舞台 (White Stage)
玉麟军 (Army of Jade Kirin) Dude 杨千墀 (Kurty QC)
Subs 唐人街 (Chinatown) 跳猴 (Lucky Monkey)
苏阳 (Suyang) 过失 (Demerit) 大飞与摩天楼 (Da Fei & Skyscraper)
二手玫瑰 (Second Hand Rose) 左右 (Zuoyou) Pinkberry
老狼 (Lao Lang) 春秋 (Spring Autumn) 耳光 (Slap)
高旗 & 超载 (Gao Qi & Overload) 夜叉 (Yaksa) 简迷离 (Gemini)

Day 2 – July 31, 2010

花舞台 (Flower Stage) 黑舞台 (Black Stage) 白舞台 (White Stage)
Tookoo 指人儿 (Finger Family) 李漠 (Li Mo)
窒息 (Suffocated) 卡木堂 (Kamutang) 海龟先生 (Mr Chelonian)
反光镜 (Reflector) 液氧罐头 (Yeyang Guantou) DH & Chinese Hellcats
扭曲机器 (Twisted Machine) CMCB The Bigger Bang
何勇 (He Yong) 糖果枪 (Honey Gun) The BLue Violets
Killing Joke 周韧 (Zhouren) 逃跑计划 (Perdel)
面孔 (The Face) 阿修罗 (Ashura)

Day 3 – August 1, 2010

花舞台 (Flower Stage) 黑舞台 (Black Stage) 白舞台 (White Stage)
川子 (Chuanzi) 堕天 (The Falling) Pacalolo
龙神道 (Longshendao) 郁乐队 (Die From Sorrow) 马条 (Ma Tiao)
新裤子 (New Pants) Larry’s Pizza 南无 (Nanwu)
Psycroptic The K 咖啡因 (Caffe In)
郑钧 (Zheng Jun) 天堂 (Tian Tang) 虞洋 (Yu Yang)
Panic! At The Disco 爽子 (Huang Shuang) 山人 (Shan Ren)
AK-47 CocoRosie

There ya go… more information over at City Weekend ( needs to learn what hair metal is) and the official website.
Also of interest might be this great piece by Helen Feng, of Pet Conspiracy/Free The Birds fame where she dishes out the inside dirt from the festival industry over at China Music Radar

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