Beijing Live Music Quickslants: Licks & Furs, Pet & Feathers with a Side of ‘Bucks

a bit of an early quickslants edition this week folks.. it’s mostly got to do with a good gig at 2 Kolegas on Tuesday night that might prove to be quite the rock show this week so let’s get down to business for what is one of the busiest quickslants in a while.

The week I do an early edition of the quickslants, hell breaks loose 🙁 THe redbucks cancelled their show on Friday, Helen Feng reportedly not part of the Pet Conspiracy show at Yugong Yishan and finally, the big one I overlooked: The Old What Bar is turning 8 and celebrating with a week worth of musical events.
Enjoy the gigs… I’m gonna go sob silently and mourn the missed drooling opportunity.

No Daisy or Helen anymore!!!!! cruel cruel fate!

Tuesday August 3:

Fox Feather @ 2Kolegas:
I had a feeling about these kids for some reason and sure enough, a quick surf over to their myspace page confirmed my suspicions: These kids be good y’all! A Norwegian quatuor with the right influences and a singer that’s got some good pipes. I don’t get excited much about unknown foreign bands coming to Beijing much but I’m looking forward to this gig. No idea who’s opening for them.

One Lick Less @D-22:
Ruby caught this guy in Shanghai a little while ago and she was quite impressed. Heck, she’s impressed enough to trek over to wudaokou and D-22 for another taste. This one is definitely listed based on her strong recommendation! I’d go watch him just to see the custom self-made guitars!

Wednesday August 4:

nada @ nada

Thursday August 5:

Mixed bag on Thursday! Daze favorites, Girls Are Waiting To Meet You are playing over at jianghu and Bandaprat from Denmark are over at Mao Live… I love GAWTMY and always recommend catching them. I really wanted to like Bandapart after reading their bio and PR material but they’re definitely not my cup of tea. Sounds like stoner jazz from the few songs i listened to on their myspace. Still, I can appreciate the talent and I’m sure a lot of people might love it.

Punk Anniversary night @ Old What Bar:
They’re celebrating 8 years for being one of Beijing’s best music incubators with Sochu Legion headlining tonight.

Friday August 6:

Not sure if it’s a good day or a bad day to be a music fan on this particular Friday: Too many potentially great shows taking place all around town. It’s the ultimate torture and inhumane cruelty that yours truly is subjected to by having to choose between Helen Feng and Daisy Sweetgrass as they’re playing the same evening. There oughta be laws against this damn it!

Pet Conspiracy @ Yugong Yishan:
This one will be packed forlks so try and get tickets ahead of time or get there early. Last time they played, about 1000 people packed the venue making it feel like a sardine box. This should mark Helen Feng’s return to the stage after the unfortunate accident she suffered during Strawberry Festival earlier this year. I haven’t had the opportunity to drool while looking at her in sooooo loooong 🙁 I’m gonna be there front and center. The Beijinger reported that Helen would not be part of the show…

Sands @ Jianghu:
If crowded venues and electro pop is not your thing, then this might do it. Soulfoul blues by a veteran of the music scene who is held in high esteem by a lot of musicians in Beijing.

<strong>The Redbucks @ Jiangjinjiu:
The bucks, short a few members, will be playing around jiangjinjiu. This one could get interesting with a few new wrinkles thrown in to balance out a missing guitar and bass…
Show cancelled

Saturday August 7:

Bookswap & Boardgames @ Sequoia:
Yup, it’s that time of the month again, the good one! come on down to Sequoia Cafe, bring some books to swap and get in touch with your inner gamer with a few rounds of Settlers, Uno, Apples to Apples and whatever else floats your boat. Starts at 2:00 pm.

Sunday August 8:

Handsome Furs @ 2Kolegas:
sounds like a promising show from a promising band that’s been around for a while. Could end up being interesting despite the sunday scheduling!

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2 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    No need to choose anymore! The Redbucks gig at JJJ has been cancelled. Go forth and enjoy Pet Conspiracy 😉

  2. Beijing Daze says:

    thanks Alex… Looks like Helen is out for Pet Conspiracy as well so instead of having a choice between two of them, I get none!!!