Watch out Beijing: China’s Old Guard set to bring out Big Guns and Rock your socks off

You ever get the impression that kids nowadays are trying too hard? Noise rock, indie rock, experimental rock, slap rock and god knows how many other types are being labeled! What happened to good old rock n roll? a few instruments, vocals you can hear and comprehend and a jolly good time!

By the sound of it, China’s old guard wondered the same thing and decided to to do something about it: Bring out the big guns and get them all together and rock Beijing’s socks off with one hell of a lineup, the likes of which has not been done in Beijing in recent memory outside of a festival:

I came across the listing on Douban and which are usually amongst the first to get wind of these things so it’s early enough to get some tickets for us common laowai. here is a list of the acts:


If my Chinese ( and google translate) don’t fail me, we’re looking at Tang Dynasty, Black Panther, Second Hand Rose, Beyond, He Yong and Zhang Chu amongst others… If you don’t really recognize most of these names, don’t worry! That is because they ain’t been around in a long time. Black Panther in particular, which spawned Tang Dynasty and Thin Man amongst others, has not been active since ’05.

This is Arena rock folks… it’s gonna be long hair, long riffs, devil horns and funky clothing and good times inside the workers stadium and I’m gonna be there, rain or shine!

Back to Basics Concert
August 27, 2010
Beijing Worker’s Stadium

Douban Page: Page:

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  1. Jean-Marie Schloemer says:

    Thanks so much for the pointer! Great find!