Star Max Music Festival kicks off tonight in Beijing

So, Star Max kicks off today in Beijing’s Ditan Park, close to the Lama temple. I wish I could be more excited about it today but I’m victim of festival overload. The organizers are basically recycling the same lineups/acts every couple of months and just throwing it out again.

This one though is in Beijing, at Ditan Park so it’s more acceptable. Think of it as 5 days of concerts at a new venue in town with the Tue/Fri/Sat/Sun being great days that are more than worth heading out for, especially if this great weather keeps it up. I’m looking forward to catching XTX whom i haven’t seen play in quite some time despite sharing a few beers with him in not too distant past.

August 16: Pop day
Bai Er, Zhou Yihan, Chen Xu, Mina, Houxian, HIT-5, Sara

August 17: Rock day #1
Me Too, Larry’s Pizza, Rustic, IC Girls, Demerit, Logic Lose Contral, Wang Wei & Band

August 18: Folk day
Po Shang Cun, Mythomania, Bai Yu, Su Yu, Hong Yue Tuan, Da Mai Mai, Liu Dongming (Liu 2)

August 19: Party Day
Red Bull New Energy Music Program, JOMO, Yan Ling, Tang Hongfei, Li Ou, Future Bicycle, Gala, Tian Yuan & Gala

August 20: Rock day #2

Alt Senior; Maze; The Bigger Bang; Si Wu, Omnipotent, Subs; Pet Conspiracy; New Pants

August 21: Rock Day #3
Lao Ya & Band, Steely Heart, Ourself Beside Me, Nancheng Erge, Brain Failure, Carsick Cars, Twisted Machine, Xie Tianxiao

August 22: Rock day #4
The Reason, Velvet Road, DH & Chinese Hellcats, Tookoo, Zhang Mengmeng, Long Shen Dao, Yaksa,Tang Dynasty

Ditan Park, close to Yonghegong.

Monday to Thursday: RMB 40/30 (advance)/20 (students advance)
Friday to Sunday: RMB 80/60 (advance)/40 (students advance)
Seven-day tickets: RMB 200/ 180 (advance)/150 (students advance)

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