Mademoiselle turns the heat up at Vanguard, melting the audience!

With 2 Kolegas on a temporary hiatus, it’s a great time to check out other venues and see different spots in town! One that’s been high on my list was VA vanguard around the corner from the Lama Temple. I went in a few months back when they first opened on a sunday afternoon and made a mental note to come back.. alas, I never found the time until last Friday.

With a slow music week, I decided to head over there and check out ‘Daze favorite, Mademoiselle, whom i hadn’t seen play live since the Ditan Folk Festival. I heard through the grapevine that she had been working on a bunch of new songs in preparation for her upcoming album and it was overdue for me to hear them.

We got to Vanguard about 10:30 with Ruby, S and Narcissus to find it packed to the brim. The place is not that big to start with and there was easily 50 people sardined inside, mostly French, enjoying the sweet sounds of Gipsy Jazz.

Mademoiselle’s orchestra for the evening was a six piece with a new comer on upright bass. They went through their usual songs at a much faster pace than usual. My favorite song of hers, Le Grand Mur, was more uptempo which i thought took a little away from its edginess but it seemed to fit the atmosphere of the venue and the crowd.

The new songs are largely more of the same: funny edgy lyrics, jazzy melodies that can be changed up for a hypnotizing slow & sensual set or an uptempo swirling twirling dance-a-thon. I look forward to hearing the finished product which shouldn’t be too far away. The band is hitting the studio over the next 2 weeks to lay the tracks down… hell yeah!

Vanguard as a venue was pretty cool: It’s fit for intimate and small sets but not for bigger heavier acts! The sound system is quite crisp and you can actually listen to music and not have to shout over it if you’re having a conversation. I don’t think I’ll watch a band like Black Cat Bone over there but give me Ember Swift, Mademoiselle and even GAWTMY any time.

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