Redbucks Quartet at Jiangjin Jiuba: a warmup for a last hurray

I guess all good things must come to an end, or so goes the proverbial saying! In this case, here’s hoping ( and is sure) that The Redbucks are gonna be around for a bit… Miss Daisy’s journey with them is coming to an end though as I wrote last week.

I managed to make it to their Jiangjin Jiu Ba last Friday night where they played one hell of an acoustic set to a jam packed full house! It was packed y’all…. The band was was short a few members but Chris, Luke, Amy and Daisy did more than just hold their own: They delivered a kickass performance to a loving audience that was actually listening to the music which is one hell of a departure from the last time i caught the ‘Bucks during their album launch.

The first set was mostly oldies and goodies with a few songs from their CD, all that glitters, thrown in for good measure with Daisy and Luke doing most of the vocals. The crowd was definitely into it, whistling, hollering, clapping hands and what not. It was actually a nice departure from all the plugged shows I’ve been seeing as of late with all 4 band members sharing one little microphone amongst themselves.

The Second set started with one of those moments that spells out RESPECT… after their 10mn break, they came back on but the 50+ strong crowd didn’t notice and despite their attempts are quieting them, they kept talking. memories of the CD launch started coming back to me… and that’s when the magic happened: The one and only Daisy Sweetgrass opened her mouth and that sweet angelic voice flowed Capella through the crowded room bringing beautiful silence and leaving all those present, including her band mates, hypnotized in awe!

Chills down the spine folks… chills down the spine…. Yes, I’m a fanboy and drool over that lady… for sure! That doesn’t take away her musical ability. Lost in this shuffle are the other band members who are equally good and deserve a lot of credit as well! Chris did admirably good on guitar filling in for the freshly departed Chip. Luke and Amy are still the backbone of the band with fiddle and banjo.

One of the greatest things about The Redbucks is they never run out of songs and they never play the same show twice, always adding new numbers or new takes on old classics. can’t say that about many a Beijing band…

Great show and I’m looking forward to the final hurray tomorrow night ( Saturday September 11th) at VA. I might never get to hear that voice again and I’m hoping that they’re gonna play Friends of the Devil… would be a sweet way to close the circle.

So come out tomorrow night folks.. get there early for it most probably will be jam packed!

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    But lets be optimistic. Will will happen same like the Star Trek phasers and wireless communications, which are now mobile phones. We still dont have Transponders..and telepathy..