Descendants release their album to a packed Mao Live w/ Chunqiu and Gangzi

I’ve never heard of Descendants ( Mo Yi 末裔) before last week when I was asking Kaiser Kuo about his next performance and he mentioned that they would be playing on Mo Yi’s record launch. ok… google to the rescue…..
The band’s been around for quite some time now and shares the same bass player, Song Yang, with the fully plugged Spring & Autumn. Knowing how picky the band is about their music, I thought this might be a show worth checking out and i’m glad I did.

I got there about 9:00 pm to a comfortably packed Mao Live with Gangzi 刚子 on stage. Inner Mongolian folk, great voice and good guitar work. I hear his background is in Metal and would love to get my hand on some of his stuff is there’s any out there. With a high number of Mongolian acts in Beijing following the footsteps of Hanggai, it’s pretty hard to stand out nowdays. He seemed to do it just fine. The guy loves his bass notes and there were plenty of them floating around that night.

Next up was the acoustic flavor of Spring & Autumn, headliners on their own merit, who graciously came in to lend a hand and support their bass player. I love their unplugged formula: take 3 guys with 3 guitars, play all of them with nice harmonies and make each note and song stand out. It just works for me! I’ve seen their unplugged show a few times already but I can honestly say it’s never been the same thing over and over…. and that’s what I want to see when i go out to a concert!

Last but not least, the stars of the evening, Descendants! They hit the stage with a storm and proceeded with thundering riffs, pounding drums and pretty good vocals. Singer Song Yang (yes almost same as the bass player) has one hell of a mean voice that sounds rough but retains some melody. As a matter of fact, there were songs where he might have sounded too melodic or poppy…. The band was definitely on the heavy side and the playing was heavier than the singing….

Still, one could sense that this was a bit night for them as their emotions were running hight and they kept mentioned how long this moment was in the making.

See more about Descendants ( Mo Yi 末裔) on their Douban:

A couple of pleasant surprises on that night:

-The crowd was definitely a much older one and decidedly Chinese. out of the 300+ people in Mao, maybe a dozen westerners were there, including yours truly.
Chinese bands are getting really good about CD packaging and making cute products that people might want to collect. for RMB 80 on the night, I got to see 3 bands and get a cool CD with nice packaging. I like that deal…

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