Lonely China Day Bores Yugong Yishan While the Insurance Salesmen Deliver

I’ve been hearing a lot about Lonely China Days from industry pundits and local expat rags with the band getting high marks for originality, integrity and musicality. I had planned to catch them a few months ago for their CD release party but unfortunately, Mao was shut down and everything thing went to hell back in May.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, I was informed by Jean Sebastian of Amazing Insurance Salesmen fame that they would be opening for LCD at Yugong Yishan. Perfect opportunity to catch them and watch an catch up with the JSB crew… We got to Yugong Yishan a bit on the early side as Ruby was afraid to miss the opening acts ( “no comments”) and just chilled around in a mostly empty venue talking with the bands.

The festivities got started around 10:00 pm finally with the Insurance Salesmen playing what i thought was their heaviest set to date! I swear i won’t be surprised to walk into one of their shows and hear them doing a bluesy heavy take on Motorhead’s Ace of Spade. Great little performance with with a few new wrinkles thrown in there like a mini keyboard section for a little while… not sure I like that so here’s hoping it’s just some sort of experiment. The rest of the set consisted of the usual songs with a few extended jams in between. I’m liking “babies” and “war” a lot.. there’s a little beat in there that just gets me pumping my fists when i listen to them.
Overall, cool show! As a sidenote, come out on Sunday Sept 26 to support the Amazing Insurance Salesmen at the Global Battle of the Band.

Finally, it was time for Lonely China Day to take the stage! 3 guys and tons of equipment facing each other and wearing gigantic ear pieces…. Yes, they were tight! Yes, they could play their instruments! Yes, they might be qualified as talented! and triple yes, they bored the shit out of me! I stayed for about 3 songs and got the hell out of dodge
I’m sorry guys, but if you’re gonna charge people RMB80 to walk into a show on a wednesday night, then put on a goddamn show!!!!!
Otherwise, what’s the big difference between the band playing on stage and not acknowledging the audience as opposed to just playing a CD??? none.. none…

Other than the lack of interaction, the absent stage present, I gotta at least say that I can understand how they’ve been nicknamed “The Chinese Coldplay”… they play a type of synth-pop-rock that seemed at time more appropriate for a rave/club than a live audience…. might and will work for a lot of folks, just not for me!

Honestly, if it weren’t for the Amazing Insurance Salesmen, that would have been the biggest waster of money and time…. Don’t get me wrong, I might get LCD’s record but there’s no freaking way I’m gonna go out of my way to catch them again… The fact that there was only about 25 people that turned up for the gig is quite telling.

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