Bad Mamasan: Metal Doesn’t Say Sorry – Free Music Download

Remember that little show back in May 2010 with Bad Mamasan and Chunqiu? Well, our good old friend, metalhead and all around madman of Beijing Music, Mr. Jaime Welton, had a recorder on… at least for the Bad Mamasan side of the show!

The result has been out for a little while. mastered by Jaime himself and the band has finally decided to let it all loose on their website! Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you :

Bad Mamasan - Metal Doesn't Say Sorry

a total of 12 ear blasting tunes made up of covers and originals with Jaime on vocals/guitars, Toby on Bass and the other Toby on drums…. Get over there to Bad Mamasan’s website and download it. I particularly like their versions of Ace of Spade and Helter Skelter, as well as God of War.
As you’re listening to Ace of Spade, towards the end of the song, you can clearly hear how the name of the album came about… good stuff guys.. nice prep for my metal week

Incidentally, rumor has it the band might.. might… play unannounced October 2nd at 2 Kolegas… don’t quote me on this though… you’re on your own!

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1 Response

  1. e-head says:

    Awesome gig, nice and loud like a metal gig should be.