Beijing Live Music Quickslants: 80s still rock, Cape Verde, Ember and a different set of musical flavors.

It’s a holiday week coming out of a 2 festival weekend so things are understandably on the slow side in Beijing. There ain’t much taking place right now but some goodies are definitely worth a little stop over to get your live music fix:
(updated friday with 2 gigs at 2 Kolegas (thanks Ruby))

Thursday October 7th:

Zhang Si’An at Jiang Jin Jiu:
The Frenchman is fresh from his win at GBoB with the insurance salesman and back on folk mode! He’s been working on a bunch of new songs that might just get played tonight. Expect a full band and a full house for tons of fun… you know Ruby will be there for sure.

Friday October 8th:

Ember Swift trio @ 2 Kolegas:
Ok, I’m lame… how could i forget this one? there is some sort of conspiracy in the musi-verse against me catching Ember’s gigs at this point. Other obligations will keep me away yet again but I will catch her sooner or later. Bluesy rock, attitude and talent… good set of musicians + 2 Kolegas = you can’t go wrong

Christophe Lier Trio at Jiang Hu:
We’re getting started with Jazz season here and this might not be a bad show to hit on a Friday where there is literally nothing else happening in town. There’s supposed to be pianos involved but I’m not sure how they’re gonna pull that one off at Jianghu. Maybe a keyboard if we’re optimistic.

Saturday October 9th:

Back to the 80’s @ Mao:
cover night with some of Beijing’s fun bands covering classics. Kick Ass, the Rikki Sixx Band and a few others will be on hand for some cheesy fun! Bandanas, ripped jeans and Bon Jovi wigs will be the accessories of choice on the evening.

Reggae Party @ 2 Kolegas:
DJs galore with a special appearance by the Discounts.. these are never a good idea and going there usually means that you ain’t gonna get home til the sun comes up.

Sunday October 10th:

Cesaria Evora & Mayra Andrade at PLA theatre:
ok, this one is a departure from the usual dive places but every so often, one has to dust up the suit, dress up nicely and head over to the a proper theater for a classy performance. this one could be it! Music from Cape Verde with latin, island and african influences… According to Time Out, The Cape Verde embassy is giving away 300 tickets apparently so you might wanna get in on that.

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