Over the Top Taipei Band The White Eyes Coming back to Beijing

Back in April, I caught a show at Mao Live by this Taipei Band, The White Eyes, and I was completely utterly unabashedly impressed!!! The Performance was entertaining, the band was tight and… let’s call it what it is… They’re freaking NUTS

Here is my write up on that show:
and here is a little video of the performance:

Well, the band was in Beijing at the time to record a CD, Kiss Your Eyes, which was released on 9/24.. I’ve heard a couple of the songs and I like them but I am most looking forward to catching them live again. I just got an answer from Xiao Gao, lead singer pictured above, about it: November 5th at Mao Live…. hell yeah!!!

Mark the date folks… Xiao Gao is one hell of a personality on stage and you will be entertained, trust me! I’m not even a fan of this type of music usually but I’ll make an exception in this case! oh yeah, the rest of the band aint bad either!

More info about The White Eyes at their official website: http://www.thewhiteeyes.com where you can download their new single for free and view their music video.

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