Halloween Music Quickslants: of Freaks, Fetishes, Big Sharks, Girls and Free Birds

it’s gonna be a costumes, costumes and more costumes this weekend for a special freaky edition of the quickslants… Beijing goes hogwild for halloween when all the freaks come out the play and sure enough, there are plenty of live shows to match any weirdness you might have in you.

Thursday October 28th:

Purple Smog @VA Club:
Beijing’s one and only Jimi Hendrix cover band takes center stage at VA, around the corner from the Lama Temple. These guys only been around for a few months but they’re making wave in Beijing… I think Ruby might be trying to start an official fan club for them. The guys are good and the music classic!

Friday October 29th:

Halloween comes Early @ Mao:
get a head start on the festivities when Girls Are Waiting to Meet You, Nakoma, The Others and Nanwu come out to rock your make up off. This is one hell of a strange lineup with huge differences in style but it’s hallowen i guess. This will be your one chance to catch GAWTMY for a little while as the band will be taking an extended break. Nakoma was good at Battle of the Bands and I look forward to seeing them again. and gotta love Nanwu

Saturday October 30th:

Things get sickly interesting here folks with great shows all over goddamn Beijing… I mean we’re talking A list of styles!!!

They’re Still Singing @ 2kolegas:
don’t look but the 2 K folks are really getting back into the action. The lineup for saturday is basically enough to give wet dreams to folk fans in Beijing with Buyi, Migratory Bird, Dongzi, Liu 2 just to name a few… I mean this is promising to be one hell of a party with 10 acts scheduled to play. It’ll also be a great opportunity to check out some of the new material Buyi has been working on. This could be billed as a festival as far as I am concerned.

Queen Sea Big Shark @ Yugong Yishan:
They’re launching a new album and the preliminary reports are goood. I’m not always a fan of their music but i really like the band’s attitude. They were one of the highlights during Strawberry festival in May and they’re one of those bands that just garners respect from their peers for sticking to their guns, reinventing themselves and just thinking out of the box. It’s gonna be packed to the rafters I suspect.

Sunday October 31st:

Halloween Bash @ 2Kolegas:
Let’s see.. Free the Birds, Rustic, DH & The Hellcats + 24 Hours all on the same bill… Are you freaking kidding me? Guess where I am gonna be on this one… I’m still not sure about the Free the Birds part since Helen is supposedly doing her last tour with Pet Conspiracy starting Nov 1.. but here’s hoping! I can’t think of a better lineup for my birthday bash.. we’d be in trouble if I could get Black Cat Bone on the bill too

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