The White Eyes surprise, Bigger Bang doesn’t Bang and the Ghost Spardac rocks

In case you didn’t know, The White Eyes played Beijing this past friday… I’ve only written about them 4 or 5 times on this blog, right? The lineup at Mao looked promising with The Ghost Spardac, Bigger Bang and The White Eyes, definitely the strongest one of the night in Beijing.

Things got started a bit later than usual due to a movie being filmed outside the venue with concert goers and movie crew running into each other. Still, at 9:30, the Ghost came on. I had seen them earlier opening for Hang on the Box and heard enough to be intrigued. This second time found them sounding better and tighter than before with less schizophrenia in their sound. They’re goof and have some good days ahead of them IMHO. Some big time label dudes from Japan seem to think so as well since they’ve recently been given a record deal. They had more of a heavy punk feel to them this time around with good guitars, more than 3 chords and some alright Bass from singer/bassplayer Boxi.

Bigger Bang was next and I’m not sure what to think/say about them at this point. I think they’re growing on me as a unit and Pupi is quite the charismatic frontwoman.. still, she ain’t no Kang Mao, Gia or Helen Feng! on Friday, they just sounded bad, out of synch and I had to walk out at some point. So did part of the audience! I’m not sure if it was a bad mix, bad PA or whatever but it didn’t sound right. I thought it was too loud already when the band asked for everything to be pushed up two notches… no no no! better luck next time! Pupi’s lovely outfit was just not enough of a distraction/motivation not to walk out.

Then came the White Eyes. I was really afraid i had built up too many expectations about this show from both a showmanship and musical perspectives.. a let down wouldn’t be too far! Thankfully, I had seen pictures of preceeding shows in wuhan and other cities so I knew that they weren’t putting on a freak show like they did their last outing. How did they do? pretty darn good! I actually was surprised they focused on music instead of theatrics. Xiao Gao’s outfit was scandalous as usual but I’d seen worse!

They played selections from their previous records along with a few new songs from “Kiss Your Eyes” including the lead single… and they did it well! Why am I so hot on them? They’re just a polished unit playing some pretty darn good modern rock with a punk edge to it. They have an identity sound-wise and look-wise which does not confuse the audience. There’s a lot of Karen O being channeled over there but they do not lack originality.

Big ups to the band for continuing to play after some fan got up on stage to sing with them.. they humored him for a good 2 minutes before security stepped in to get him out.

To the White Eyes, come back and see us soon!
To Mao Live, get your sound fixed and work out that freaking bar which is becoming useless

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