24 Hours Rock, Lazy Camels Standstill and Dama Llamas Grow Up

last saturday, I checked out of Santacon a bit early hoping to catch Omnipotent Youth Society at Mao Live. Unfortunately, the show was beyond sold out so I backtracked and headed over to 2 Kolegas for the Burns Guitars launch event with 24 Hours, Lazy Camels and Qingdao’s Dama Llamas.. definitely a worthwhile journey.

I had seen the Dama Llamas a while back, also at 2 Kolegas, and remember referring to them as High School rock. Tell you what folks, they’re all grown up now. The band is tighter, more secure in their playing and just overall better. They play a mix of funk, metal, alternative rock that mashes well and stays high energy which is something i can appreciate. Their onstage antics are also fun with stage freezes, great play off of each other etc… This is one band that has improved a lot in 6 months.

Next up were Lazy Camels who i had not seen in over a year. They, on the other hand, have not changed a bit! They’re really a perfect mid-bill band in that they’re not offensive, they’re mildly interesting and have potential…. and that’s been their description since they started. They brand of punk is sincere if a tiny little poppish and fairly uninspired. A good band to stick in the middle as a measuring stick for the opening act and the closers.

24 Hours came on after that and proceeded to blow the roof of 2 Kolegas! I shit you not folks, that is as good of a power trio as i have seen in China so far. They might not have the showmanship of Rustic but they make up for it with intensity, musicality, lyrical savvy and fantastic delivery. I had listened to their douban a few times before but never thought about them much and while their CD, Party People, is quite inspired, I didn’t expect this quality of delivery. Their performance was beyond solid from beginning to end with no weak spots in between. I look forward to seeing a lot more of them as they shot up to my top 10 bands to see live in Beijing.

There was a bit of jamming after that with Ian Burns et co but i was too busy enjoying being hyped up about 24 Hours to care. Great Great choice!
Not a bad turnout at the show either: the pit was full for 24 Hour’s performance so a good 60 +

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4 Responses

  1. 24 Hours CD is ‘No Party People’ 🙂

  2. ian burns says:

    Superb review, right on the money.

  3. Ashdrubal says:

    We were on hols in Beijing, and we decided to show up at this gig. We were pretty impressed by what we saw. I actually liked The Lazy Camels the most, though the all three were great
    I have my own review (in Spanish) http://echocord.blogspot.com/2010/12/dama-llamas-lazy-camels-24-hours.html with some videos