Free Music: Shanghai’s Top Floor Circus puts album up for download free

Thanks to Jake Newby over at Kungfuology for pointing out that Shanghai’s Top Floor Circus had made their record available for download for free online. The record is called 上海市经典流行摇滚金曲13首 ( 13 of Shanghai’s golden hits or smtg like that)
This is a really cool package that includes songs, lyrics, chords, alternative covers and basically everything in the kitchen including the sink! That’s just a really cool idea! download that baby and that a look at some of those covers, just funny!
I’m actually listening to it as I type this and I’m quite enjoying the melodies. It’s on the poppier side of the spectrum, with some jazz/funk thrown in there and really nicely upbeat, at least for the parts I’ve heard. I’m really digging track #4, 是男人.

Here is the link on 115:

Head over to Jake Newby‘s page for more info or check out Top Floor Circus’ douban

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