Quickslants: Punks take Christmas, Folk rules and more Holiday Music

Holiday Season is supposed to be a time to be spent with family and friends at home and what not. Someone forgot to tell the promoters in Beijing who are putting on some choice shows over Christmas Weekend! So if green trees, presents and season’s greetings are not your thing, you’re in luck if you live in Beijing.

Thursday Dec 23:

The Laurent Maur Duet @ Jianghu:
It’s cold out there folks so why not warm up to good old jazz melodies in Hutong? These guys have been around for a while and gathered a substantial number of kudos from the specialized press. Laurent’s Jazz is especially enticing because it’s enriched with bluesy latin influences. Could be an interesting one!

Friday Dec 24:

SuYang @ The Star Live:
Su Yang is one the most respected Folksters in China with a strong following amongst the older and the younger generation. He’s actually quite good folks and has impressed me the few times i’ve seen him play. This one made is as Gig of the Week over at the Beijing Gig Guide.

Xmas Climax @ Mao Live:
Mao is getting behind every holiday with great lineups, this one is no exception: Brain Failure, Candy Monster, ILTB, Steely Heart and The Dancers will all be on hand for some good punk… a little teenage angst and a lot of fist pumping can go a long way!

Saturday Dec 25:

Lao Liu & Sand @ Jianghu: One of the few bluesmen of the mainland will be on hand Christmas day to bring his melodies. This guy is selling a unique flavor of music in Beijing and has been doing so for many years now. His old records make regular appearances on my playlist and he’s good!

Last Punk Night of 2010 @ Mao: Continuing where they left of the previous night, Mao gets the Oi gang out for one last hurray with some of the nastier, meaner and more entertaining punksters of Beijing. The lineup is really really solid with Early Bus, Hell City, Misandao, Shochu Legion, Trash Cat and Unregenerate Blood. You want real Beijing underground Punk, this is as good as it gets.

Xmas @ 2 Kolegas: not to be left out by the drive in side of town, DH & the Hellcats, Skarving and The K will be on hand to get you moving allllllnighhhhhhhhhhhhhht long baby! This is one sure way to stay warm and shed some extra pounds from all the festivus meals you’ll be subjected to. Your GBoB champions, The Amazing Insurance Salesmen, are also on the bill. Thanks to JS for the update!

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  1. Zhang Si'an says:

    The Amazing Insurance Salesmen will also be playing at 2Kolegas on the 25 for the Christmas party !