Weekend Quickslants: Bad Mamasan uncaged, Yaksa Recognized and Kazakh Spirit

I’m decreeing this weekend Metal Weekend because that’s pretty much all I’m planning to catch as far as live shows go! To be fair, there’s a couple of great shows on at the same time but I’ve made my personal call.. here is some of the stuff you might see for the next few days: More Metal than you can wrap a straight jacket around!!!!!

Friday Jan 7:

Bad Mamasan & Friends @ 2 Kolegas:
The beasts have been locked in studios for too long getting their record ready, mastered, tweaked and what not. It’s time for them to come out and shake the dust off, remove the cobwebs and generally kick some serious metal us. Jeans and Leather for this show please, no cracker jack clothes! Not even sure who else will be on the bill but it will be a party.

Slap @ Mao Live: My Father is Li Gang
This is one of the quirkiest bands i’ve seen in Beijing with full attire, plays and almost theatrical productions in their show. They ‘re funky and full of satire as you can judge from the show’s tag line. I would only recommend tis one if your Chinese is up to par because some jokes might be required to understand the whole spectacle.

Saturday Jan 8:

Yaksa @ Yugong Yishan:
15th year anniversary show for these dreadlocked kids… they’re pretty darn rough, tough and mean but ever so hardworking. It took me a while to get into them but I do believe they deserve their place in the Pantheon of Chinese Metal. They’re bringing 8 bands that will play a Yaksa song each as a tribute before letting the masters come on for the party.

Yi Er Bo Li @ Jiangu:
Kazakh evening in the hutongs with a well regarded folk musician that is sure to enchant you with his melodies. get there early enough to get a seat inside… the outside might be just a tad bit on the cold side. I don’t like calling this folk because it’s soo different… go try it.

Sunday Jan 9:

China5 @ Mao Live:
Interesting duo with drums and guitar only… I guess a milder Chinese version of the white stripes that sounds intriguing, at least on tape. If I didn’t have better plans involving hot springs, I might have considered heading over there.

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1 Response

  1. Jaime says:

    Actually, start to finish, 10 days in the studio for the record….for what this is, we went pretty quick! It aint gonna sound like a demo 😉
    It’s our work and travel schedules that really mess things up (expats with careers going a little too good which is great for the bank but bad for art!)…..you will see a lot more of us in the near future. I personally am sick of watching everyone tearing it up (or actually more often, NOT)… Expect the Bone to also start showing up again soon!

    All hail to those who rock! More and more of them these days…good thing…. The rest of y’all who naturally suck it…well SUCKIT HARD then! Hehehehe…. Poser fakes!!!