Quickslants: Made in Madness, Big Picture, ReTROs time and Mao Crowns them

Gee, the time of no music seems so far away right now with an avalanche of good shows scheduled over the next few days. We’ve got a weekend with all flavors and tastes of shows planned all over the city spanning pop, rock, metal, grunge and even Mao’s annual award shows. Let’s get this party started!!!

a refreshing diversity of winners at the 2009 Mao Awards

Friday February 18:

Made in Madness @ Yugong Yishan
The Amazing Insurance Salesmen, Rustic and nucleus get together for a bombastic show that promises to be one hell of a musical event. AIS is gearing up for the final stage of the Global Battle of the Bands competition in Kuala Lumpur. Rustic, still the reigning world champions of that same competition, will be be on hand to help out and provide the audience with some exciting sleaze infused hard rock. Nucleus has come around leaps and bounds since I first saw them over a year ago opening for Bad Mamasan. This is gonna be one hell of a party folks!!

The Big Picture @ Hot Cat Club
Things go to the pop side of things over at Fangjia hutong with The Big Picture launching their CD. This one has been almost 2 years in the making! From what i’ve heard on douban, Mikael and his crew have done one hell of a job with the recording and they are extremely proud of the results. Definitely worth checking if that’s your cup of tea.

Saturday February 19

reTROS @ Yugong Yishan
What’s up with Yugong Yishan I hear you say? for all the crap i give them, they’ve put on some good shows last week and they are ruling february by far. The ReTROS get tons of props from fans and musicians alike in Beijing and overseas for their talent, uniqueness and musical prowess. They’ve been tapped to open for Gang of Four on their upcoming tour so the acclaim is definitely well deserved. Should be a great gig!

Today’s drunken Rock @ Mao Live:
Interesting name for the event that will see some of the heavier rock/alternative bands get together for a “drunken” evening of music? The Ghost Spardac, Exit A, Finger Family and G-Eleven amongst others will be on hand to showcase their music. This might be a better suited option for those with heavier tastes that could be rubbed the wrong way by the reTROS… I’ve been pleasantly impressed with The Ghost Spardac over the past few months and expect some good things out of them It will be interesting to see Exit A with their new guitar player.

Sunday February 20

2010 Music Awards @ Mao Live
I stumbled upon them by mistake last year and was treated to performances by Nanwu, hanggai, The Unsafe and countless other acts that made it one hell of a good events. It promises be just as good this year! Come and see who’s up for what and who walk out with what.

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2 Responses

  1. Josh Feola says:

    what a relief that music is back…

    here’s a short interview with Mikael from The Big Picture: http://pangbianr.com/the-big-picture-cd-release/