Quickslants: Last days for Key Largo, Ghosts with Friends and Jue Takeover.

It’s feeling like spring already. The weather is warming up, the parties are rocking and it’s become extremely difficult to find time to spend a quiet evening at home with all the happenings around town. The next few days promise more of the same. So, here’s some of the stuff I’m looking forward to:

Bertie Higgins @ R Lounge all weekend:
This is the last week of his residency at the Renaissance hotel’s R lounge. I went there to check it out last week and had loads of fun. Bertie usually does 2 sets and has been getting a little help from the Jackson Twins ( Previously at LAN). He does the classics, talks a bit and gets a couple of covers in, all in good fun. Honestly, the guy can sing folks to check him out. I think Saturday is his last day in residency there.

Thursday March 10:

Che Ren band @ Jianghu:
Idiotic band is how their name gets translated into English.. they’re everything but idiotic though. They’re extremely traditional is their performance, a-la second hand rose. They’re a lot of fun and definitely worth a listen, especially in an intimate setting like Jianghu.

Friday March 11:

Ghosts & Friends @ Mao:
Ghost Spardac, Me Guan Me, Dude and Christmas…. do i need to say more? 3 out of 4 are proven value and great fun, bands that i love listening to. Matt, from DUDE, swears that Christmas is not so bad, quite fun he says.. so maybe it’s about time to give them another chance. This is gonna be one hell of a rocking evening folks.

Mademoiselle @ VA:
The Montreal mynx is back from an extended vacation and ready to charm her way back onto Beijing’s stages. Her last performance in town was the amazing CD launch party at 2 Kolegas which seems like an eternity away. It’s gonna be tough to decide between both shows, I’m telling ya.

Saturday March 12:

Hip Hop poets @ 2Kolegas:
Jue Festival takes over Beijing. This particular evening, they have teamed up with the bookworm for a little cultural gathering with Omar Musa and Kelly Lee mixing beats and poetry. I haven’t really been back to 2K in a little while so I’m looking forward to catching some music there. Here is the official description of the event: Festival slam poets Omar Musa and Kelly-Lee Hickey join with Chinese hip-hop artists for a slamming showdown.

Eagles @ Mastercard Arena:
I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of these guys but they had a little hit back in the days called “Hotel California”.. Joking aside, this is the most famous country band that’s been as a rock band and the show should be rocking. Last I checked, there were a few tickets available still so give it a go if you’d like to.

There’s a whole bunch of other things taking place including the Bookworm Literary festival that is in full session right now with some great talks scheduled. Jue festival is also all over the spectrum with some cool stuff planned so check them out too.

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