Vital Time finally lives up to their potential at Jianghu

It’s been almost a year since Vital Time’s debut at Jianghu in 2010!
During that time, I’ve more or less quietly watched plenty of lame bands play venues all around town, even get famous while these guy whom i think are a heck of a lot more talented just drown in oblivion. To be fair, it hasn’t been a smooth ride for them between summer breaks, family matters and other annoyances. So when Michael got the troops back together for a birthday extravaganza at Jianghu on March 2nd, I was curious to see what they sounded like after all this time.

On previous occasions, Michael had been sick, then the bass player was missing for a few weeks touring China with some other bands, etc….. They were never able to get it together…until now:They sounded good!! Actually, this is the best I’ve heard them sound ever. Jianghu was packed to the brim with musicians and friends from all over Beijing. Unknown to me at the time, the show turned out to be an audition for a slot at the 2011 MIDI which could be really good for the band!

They played a short 6 song set of their originals much to the audience’s delight and left us wanting a bit more which is always a good move when in this kinda of situation. Fei Zai’s guitar was sharp and aggressive all while being melodic. Michael’s voice was in pretty good shape so he could hit his high/low notes easily. The more I listen to them, the more they remind me of a Black Crowes offspring. They have that bluesy southern rock edge to them which i like.

Here’s hoping they impressed the right persons that night, it would be cool to see them on stage at MIDI. In the meantime, you can still hear their music over on Dallin’s page:

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