Bad Mamasan Unleashes the Sharp Biting Jeanine The Worlverine Saturday at Yugong Yishan

The Bad Mamasan gang has been quite busy since the boys got together early last year. They’ve played quite a few shows around town, traveled to Tianjin for another one along with the folks from ChunQiu and SAW and released a live record…. not too bad for a year’s work considering they’re all employed. As if it was not enough, the band found time to unleash a full length album of originals: Jeanine the Wolverine

The album has been out for a month or so now but only now has the band gotten around to having an official album release party in Beijing. How is it?
When they say that they’re pure heavy metal, they mean it! I would use the words “old school” to describe the effort but I’m afraid “old School” wouldn’t do it justice. The record has 11 tracks, all originals, and some of them pretty darn good too. If you had gotten your hands on a copy of Metal Doesn’t Say Sorry, you’ll undoubtedly recognize some of the songs on there. They were all demos at the time and they’re not that different in their final forms.

The title track, Jeanine the Wolverine, is groovy hard hitting number, one of the most addictive one on the record. I’ve found myself more than once going ” bam bam babambam bam bam babam”.. That’s just a cool bass line that sticks with you. God of War was my favorite on the record for a long time, mostly due to its anthem value, it sounds and feels rough! One of the tracks I didn’t like at first, Low and Leveled, has grown on me. I didn’t think Jaime’s voice worked for this style of screechy slow heavy song but he’s gotten more comfortable with his own voice. It’s now one of my favorites. I really like the speed of it, the slow and steady pounding.
Head so Hard is the other stand out song on the record, maybe Bad Mamasan’s musical masterpiece on this record. It’s got great vocals, complex riffs on bass and guitar and elaborate drum patterns.. can’t imagine this one being so easy to play live!!
Some other tracks like Guinea Pigs just fail to grab my attention somehow. They’re well structured, can’t really fault them but they just don’t stand out as much….. still, in this day of random computer generated crap, it’s nice to see a record where more than half of the songs turn out to be special.

Good overall effort from Jaime and Co, it’s a record they can be proud of… definitely one to get your hands on if you’re into Sabath, AC/DC, Slayer and the likes….

Come and see it with your own eyes Saturday night at Yugong Yishan when they officially unleash the beast on Beijing with the help of ChunQiu, Nucleus and a few other friends. I saw them last week in Tianjin and can tell you they’re gonna put up one hell of a show.

For those about to rock, we salute you

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  1. e-head says:

    LOVE “Low and Levelled” – Jaime’s voice is awesome on this track!