Motley Crue Tribute night: Not About Changing the World!

I think the best intro to this post and the most precise description is in the Lyrics of a Jacky Danny song: “we’re from the 80’s”

some twenty years ago, I landed on this big bad world
in the first place I didn’t know, it was the age of rock n’ roll
I am now twenty-four, not a child anymore
not about to change the world, just wander how to cheer you folks
c’mon !!

That really describes Friday night at 2 Kolegas: it was sleazy, tongue in cheek good times courtesy of 3 bands: The Hippies, Jacky Danny and The Rikki Sixx Band. All 3 bands managed quite nicely in terms of covers and it’s really hard to find something to complain about. I’m pleased that this generation is discovering that music and discovering the showmanship side.

Clearly, these kids love their AC/DC, Guns n Roses, Skid Row and Motley Crue…. and those are not bad references to have when you’re talking glam entertaining in-your-face rock n roll.

The hippies did their share of AC/DC covers along with a Motley Crue song and some Scorpions. They might have played a bit too long and could have stopped about 3 songs before the end. If Skid Row were a band skinny Chinese kids, these would be them. Lead singer even had a tattoo on his forearm much like Sebastian Bach.

Jacky Danny were up next…. I’m not sure what to say about them! I’ve had their original songs stuck in my head for a while now and love pretty much everything on their Douban. On friday however, I spent the first part of their set pissed off! I expected Li Bo to sing and instead got my first taste of Meng Meng, their other singer whom I had only heard of and I wanted nothing to do with her at first.
Gotta admit she grew on me as the show went… she ain’t a bad performer or singer! Heck, she’s a pretty darn good one and much better than a lot of other women singers in Beijing. She also has good stage presence…. but she’s wrong for Jacky Danny IMHO.

Maybe I’m associating the songs too much with Li Bo’s voice but that’s how I heard them and that how I like them. Best songs they did that night were when he was singing “I do all these things to please myself” and ” Night Train”… Shame shame shame shame. It’s simply a case of less is more! I’m willing to accept the band’s new direction but I can’t say it’s the best for them. Li Bo is better.

Rikki and his band of misfits didn’t fail to deliver on the Motley Crue goodness…. man I was jumping up and down fist in the air and singing along to every freaking songs. Rikki is as much of a Motley Crue freak as I am, if not more and he went for the cool songs! Saints of Los Angeles, Danger, Shout at the Devil, Girls Girls Girls etc….

I had fun! The band played really well with special props to a good drummer ( where’s the cowbell? ) and the cow-pattern-pants guitar player who was pretty darn fun to watch.

that was not an evening for everyone but those of us that like the stuff, we had a blast!!!

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