Rock n Roll Livewire: 10 Questions with Rustic’s Ricky Sixx

Bleached out-of-control hair, crotchless pants, wild antics and an obsession for all things Motley Crue amongst others. Those are just some of the descriptive that can be used when referring to Rustic‘s bass player, Ricky Sixx. I relate to him more than other musicians because we do have that Nikki Sixx obsession and liking for 80s rock.

Ahead of Rustic’s album release Friday at Yugong Yishan, Ricky took the time to answer a few questions for BeijingDaze.
(note: I’m leaving the answers unedited because they just sound like him)

1- What’s going on in your world? this is your chance to plug your stuff
it’s another beginning for me !! i started confused with my life to being a big boy or a man !! i’d like to play rock and roll till my lasy minute forever like a big boy !! but otherwise ,for many reasons, sometimes i thought i need to be a man ,that’s makes me really sucks !!it’s been quiet long time for me no passion for make music and be a professional musician !i don’t know what’s going on !!actually !!i’m waitting ….and i don’t know what am waitting for also !!!
2- Congratulations on finishing the album, what do you think of it?
it’s ok !!!rustic is not my own idea band,the album is fine but not my favourite !it should be better ,but u know things going are not with your personal control !and even out of your control !
(follow up) So, what would you have changed in the album to make it better?
the songs is ok !but not powerful like Rustic self !!! sound should be more wild….. it’s like a pop music record !!!!!
3- you guys are a party band, why did you choose such a depressing name for the record?

lucifer choosen that ,he just ask me about it,i hove no reason to against this ,and the name is quiet beatiful though !!he really like it !!
4- Was it your idea to put an intro for it? It had a Shout at the Devil vibe, just more modern.

we play this intro for the follow song livin’ the world of fallacy at live !so …..just changes a little bit use for the album intro !yeah !!when we play this that’s remind me the shout at the devil album and also dr feelgood !hahaha !

5- you also play with your other band, the Rikki Sixx Band. how is that different from Rustic for you?

Ricky sixx is a totally cover band !!rustic and ricky sixx both very ertertaining,for my big dream before i wanna be a rock star like 80’s heavy metal band such like motley crue for sure ,skid row, london …. so this is why i made ricky sixx,but i know people curious with why they just cover. if it’s before 2 or 3years! i would be write many orignal 80’s metal songs !! but then !! 80’s is a past time for sure ,and during that era,ther have a huge group !! super lot best singles,mtv,ballad. and people still don’t know many bands from 80’s and also very good !! ricky sixx band is a cover band ,we cover some band “unknow “band from 80’s. just for satisfy ricky sixx members desire of being a 80’s rock star !we have a different name and we already have sevaral orignal songs! i will choose a right time to show people what kind of music we doing right now !! the band with ricky sixx on vocal will pay more attention on music,of cause there will be some 80’s music element ,but for sure it’s not just 80’s !!

6- choose 1 word to describe each band member

* Lucifer: talent
* Lee Fan: unrestrained
7- What happened with GBoB? did you get the money and everything they promised you?

hahaha !!!! people care about the money more than us !! GBOB said we will go on the tour sep this year !!!see what happen ! it’s been a long time we won the test,people in the organization seems more sucks than record company !!

8- You like 80s music, right? why do you think there’s so many bands now in Beijing that are playing it like Hippies, Kick Ass, Jacky Danny etc,,,

for this? i ‘m super surprize too ,sine i been here 2009, i wanna make a 80’s band !but i keep eyes open for a year i didn’t find someone !! late at 2010,,,,,there has so many 80’s band come out !!haha early time let me remembered ,maybe there will be a 80’s rock sence in beijing like around 1980 at hollywound!! but lately ,,,, i ‘m wrong !i think right now young people have many way to listen 80’s music ! and for sure some will like it ! if 80’s music came in china at same age ! i think china will be so many rock band right now !! so that;s mean people have methods to listen more kind of music i think
9- What does your family in Hebei think about your life now? are they ok with their child being a rock star?
my dad and my mum they were born at countryside ! they never can imagine that what kind life i lived !! when i was in london i told them i won the GBOB,they are clam,cause they never know what’s that !! but all of they talk about me with neighbors and relatives is my son went to london ,,,,,,,,,,,,,he is great !!haha
10- What are your 5 favorite songs to play and sing?
in the album or on my own ? album i like girls are not yours,wild women,summer view,rock and roll for money and sex !!!

Big ups to Ricky for candid answers on everything from the record to GBoB. Stay tuned for an interview with his cohort, Lucifer, as well as a review of the record by Ruby and yours truly soon.

Rustic album launch @ Yugong Yishan
friday April 22nd, 2011.
9:30 pm w/ Birdstriking in support
event link here

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2 Responses

  1. Josh Feola says:

    nice! ricky is such a cool, genuine dude. looking forward to the record release show on friday!!

  2. Beijing Daze says:

    yeah, he’s one funny guy!
    See you at the show on friday?