Quickslants: Inner Mongolia awakes, Album launch galore, Bigger Bang for Free and more

Sometimes, I really wish i didn’t have this many choices. This upcoming weekend in Beijing is one hell of a hard one to to make up one’s mind about where to go/what to see. Inner Mongolia is heavily represented with Hanggai, Ajinai and Voodoo Kungfu all deriving inspiration from the sounds of the grasslands.
I’ve instaured a new: “Never more than once a month” rule to help me make up my mind as to which shows i’ll spend my cash on.. still, it ain’t easy!

Special Note: Shanghai’s Friend or Foe is in town playing gigs Friday at Old What Bar and Saturday at D22

mockup of the Voodoo Kungfu stage

Thursday April 21

Love’s Tourettes + Bigger Bang @ Yugong:
This one is super interesting because it’s actually free and my usual thursday night plan, capoeira, is on the shelf due to a stiff neck. I heard enough about the Tourettes to peak my curiosity and I wouldn’t mind seeing what’s up with Bigger Bang after the disaster that was their last performance. and free is not a bad pricetag! Makes it easier to walk out if needed

Friday April 22

Rustic @ Yugong Yishan:
I’m not sure I really need to say much about this. with the slew of Rustic articles, I think y’all know what’s up with the band for friday night.

Hedgehog @ Mao Live:
Color me curious. I’m not the biggest hedgehog fan in the world but the few tunes i’ve heard out of their latest record got me curious. It’s darker and heavier, more to my liking… Alex, over at Beijinggigguide, wrote it down as her gig of the week for good reason. Still, I’d be afraid to see the crowd this kind of gig might attract in terms of Genus Expatus.

Saturday April 23:

Voodoo Kungfu @ Tango:
They’re the nastiest most intriguing folk inspired black metal band I’ve ever seen. Li Na is one hell of a frontman and I expect some befitting visuals throughout the show. This one will be extra special as they’re releasing their new album and celebrating their coming of age as well as their upcoming headliner status at this year’s MIDI

Hanggai @ 2 Kolegas:
Their last gig over at the drive-in brought out the masses in high numbers, and it was loads of fun! Since then, the band members have been regulars in that side of town, joining into jam sessions and just showing up for good old fashion drinking sessions. A Hanggai gig is always special, even more so when you know they’re gonna drink it up.

Dancers & Me Guan Me @ Hot Cat Club:
This is the sleeper show of the night. RMB 10 entrance fee for two of the most fun rock n roll bands around! I’ve really taken to Me Guan Me and i just recently posted again about liking the Dancers’ brand of punk pop rock.

Sunday April 24

Ajinai @ 2 Kolegas:
One of the better inner-mongolian acts to grace the capital, Ajinai is in touch with the spirit of the grassland. Whereas Hanggai embrasses rock n roll, these guys explorer the more traditional side of their music. They’re a treat I haven’t experienced in a long time and a must see, if nothing else just to compare.

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  1. Chery says:

    Tmmr Purple Smog and Los Crashers @ 2 kolegas.