The Fever Machine unleashes their Demo01 EP with 4 free songs

We’re all about Beijing over here but gotta admit that something cool is taking place in Shanghai. They’re going through this phase where every band is releasing tons of free music, with a lot of it being pretty darn good.

On the heels of Rainbow Danger Club’s Where Maps End, Dan Shapiro’s The Fever Machine has officially put out a demo of their upcoming record, aptly named “Demo 01”
Get it at Reverbnation:

By the looks of things, the guys are really working hard on the record with videos of the recording sessions as well as pictures making it online over the past few weeks. Now this is a record I look forward to and I’m hoping the lads get their ass up to Beijing sometime soon.

I gave the songs a few listens already and Dancing With Deviance is slowly becoming a favorite of mine. Really catchy hooks and big chords, two things i’m a sucker for. Go get the songs… now!

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2 Responses

  1. danny says:

    our full length LP “Living In Oblivion” will drop in late June, featuring some of the songs from “01” (albeit re-recorded and re-arranged versions) and a handful of new tracks.

    • Beijing Daze says:

      cool beans Danny.
      Looking forward to this record and catching you guys in Beijing one of these days