Black Cat Bone returns: Same Ol’ Less Hair

I’ve been meaning to write this one up for a while but things been a bit busy on this side of the world. Still, It’s worth nothing that Black Cat Bone, following the untimely exit of their drummer and gentleman extraordinaire Jon Campbell, Have returned to the Beijing music scene. They’ve managed to pick up drummer Brandon Cristiano to take over skin duties but no one apparently sent him the memo regarding hair issues and requirements in a Beijing band.

So, a few weeks ago, the guys returned to home base, 2 kolegas, and brought along the friends for a night of blooze like only they can do. I was curious to see the state of the band considering most of the members has become busy with other musical projects such as BlackWater for Dez and Bad Mamasan for Jaime/Toby.

The band pulled off a good solid little show with crowd favorites as well as a few originals. They sounded good, tight and Brandon looked like he had been playing with them for years as opposed to weeks. Dez mentioned at some point that they played one song without even rehearsing it so really good on them. It’s good to have the boys back!!

The night also included a impromptu performance by Johanna Demker, Tobi’s sister, who is a recording artist in her own rights with 3 records to her name. I had no idea that the Demkers were a musically inclined family. Johanna played more of a folk rock type of set before teaming up with the boys for a bluesy number. I would have liked to hear a few more numbers while she was in town but alas, maybe next time.

Now, can we get some hair or a wig on the new kid? there are serious photography issues at hand here where 2 band members shouldn’t have polished skulls both reflecting the light like there is no tomorrow….

Look for Black Cat Bone to play 2 Kolegas 6th year party as well as ‘dazeFEAST in the coming weeks.

p.s: Blue wig?

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