No need to argue: The Cranberries Electrify Beijing

It’s quite tough to know what to expect when a band from years ago gets back into music mode: do they still got it? are they washed up/burned out has-beens? can they still carry a tune? Those were just some of the questions i had ahead of the Cranberries Show last Thursday at the Mastercard Arena in Beijing.

The band took the stage pretty much on time, slightly after 8:00 pm and opened things up with Analyse to the delight of packed arena and just like that had the audience at their feet. They would go one to play a good 20 songs over one and a half hours including a 4 song encore!

The performance was not to be faulted! They were musically on top with my favorite songs being Ode to my Familly, Linger, Zombie, free to decide, and of course, Dreams. The locals surprised me with their reactions to 2 songs i was completely not familiar with: Never Grow Old and Dying in the Sun.

The big ovations of the evening came in for Zombie which closed the standard set and Dreams (closed the show) as expected… The fans were on their feet singing along and screaming more so than at any other point during the show… Lovely audience they were! They filled up the mastercard arena and from my point of view, it looked pretty darn close to a sell out. There was almost nothing empty around so the band oughta be happy with that kind of turnout.

Let me tell you folks, they didn’t disappoint!! far from it! They sounded just as good -if not better- than when i saw them play live in Cleveland some 15 years ago! The Cranberries still got it! Dolores’ voice can still hit the notes and yodel with the best of them. She managed to sing her way through the full set without losing a beat and so did the rest of the band for a lively set where she didn’t stop moving pretty much. As a frontwoman, she did great talking up the audience and having them sing along and entertaining in general which is what you want in a live performance.

Sure, it would have been cool to maybe have a local opening act or even Wang Faye show up for a duet on Dreams but have just the band play their songs and do their thing was also not a bad idea. It might not have been the concert of the year but it sure as hell was good solid show by a good solid band and an appreciative audience.

here’s wishing the band tons of success in the future and looking forward to the new album.

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  1. Grace says:

    your pictures from the concert are much better than mine and you were sitting further away from the stage! I need to buy your camera!

    Dolores was legendary.. one of the best concerts I’ve seen in a long while.