Quickslants: Mo’s Last Stand, CMCB, Suffocated, Namo and More

The quickslants are coming in a bit late this week folks but trust me, it’s been freaking busy as hell on this side of ‘daze HQ. Plenty of goodies happening around town with some of them in places we’re not used to writing about much anymore!

Friday August 19

Growl 4 @ Mao:
CMCB, Suffocated, ZuoYou and The Face, 4 really old school bands are set to rock the shit out of Mao Live. Last time I saw suffocated, they unleashed a storm of metal of MIDI. One of the better sets of the year and I’m looking forward to more. The Face, since they added Diao Lei ( ChunQiu, Honeygun) have gotten even better. The real band I’m looking forward to though is CMCB: I have fond memories of seeing them in Chaoyang Park last year where they impressed the hell out of me with their brand of rapcore. I’m looking forward to more.

Nanwu/Namo @ Jianghu:
You better get there early for this one folks. These kids are the new darlings of the scene so everyone and their mama will be there to watch them play. I’m not sure Jianghu can handle the onslaught but it should be fun! The stage has got to be too small for them but I’m sure they’ll find a way. Unique brand of crosstalk rock and loads of laughs.

Back To School @ Hot Cat:
Not There, funk/intrumental/rock , is throwing a party at Hot Cat Club, free of charge and you’re all invited! I’m going back to school in September so this one is prophetic and worthy of an appearance. Did I mention it’s free?

Saturday August 20th:

Only 1 party worth checking out folks as far as I’m head to 2 Kolegas for Wo Ist Zuhause Mama?
Longtime friend / Wu & Side Effects drummer, Moritz, is bidding China goodbye and rightfully asking “where is home mama?” It’s gonna be one of those 4:00 a.m parties with tears, beers, cheers and tons of music courtesy of Wu, Skarving, The Rudeness and Nucleus. Another good one bites the dust!!!

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  1. Jaime says:

    Suffocated! I’m there. Oh, and there us a little band called Black Cat Bone playing Stumble Inn on Saturday at the Stumble Inn Bday celebration. … Might ve worth it, let’s just see….