The Power Powder Blues: Copycats, for sure… lotsa fun, hell yeah

There ain’t many blues rock bands in Beijing, at least not ones that play 70s style rock blues with a hint of early aerosmith, stones, muddy waters and the like.. and if they’re around, I haven’t seen them much! That is until last friday at 2 Kolegas when this little band I never heard off had the rough job of playing a set between those of Bad Mamasan and Skarving

In retrospect, it might have been a genius idea to have a blues rock band handle the transition between bad ass metal and funky Ska and that’s what this little band did: The Power Powder

Now, this is sure gonna show my bias as a month ago, I ripped Emitter for winning the Beijing leg of Tiger Battle of the bands while being nothing more than a glorified copycat of AC/DC… and here I am praising a band that is pretty much sounding like the bastard Asian kid of the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith. Sue me…

See, The Power Powder didn’t bastardize a bunch of songs and call them their own. They actually did a really cool job putting on a show for the dozen folks out there and displayed excellent musicianship in my book. A little quick trip to their douban shows different band members so I’m not really sure what’s up with that but the lineup that showed up friday night at 2 Kolegas had me sold.

The young guitar player was having fun and showing feelings which is not something you see often in this town. The girl had a funky voice and played a mean cowbell. The frontman had a Jagger meets Richards swagger about him.

The Bad Mamasan and Skarving sets were pretty fun as well and in many aspects, more polished than Power Powder.. still, I’m a sucker for a little blues and I’ll be looking for these guys in the future. Check out their Douban for some samples:

Man, I just love finding a new good band to look forward to.

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2 Responses

  1. Jaime says:

    Yeah, the PP’s first tune was almost exactly the same as a Rolling Stones tune… hope they keep developing what they got going! Cool to hear some blues rock…

    Also, my turn to be the critic… is that the best pic you have of BMS? jeez…hope not … gottdamn dude 😉

  2. 启超 says:

    Hi man:)Thanks for your attention

    We will continue to work hard,haha

    There are many pics of previous members in douban,

    They made a lot of contributions for the band.:)

    Your blog is cool,I love it.

    See you man:) cheers…