Free Music for the masses: Hedgehog’s Destroy Memories & Gouride’s hardcore

There’s a lot of new music going around ‘daze headquarters and tons of reviews delayed by real life obligations… so it’s always good to be able to share some of the stuff with you guys and see whatcha all think. On the menu for today, we’re looking a 2 completely different types of releases, both made available for free by the bands so support them please:

Hedgehog: Destroy Memories
from Hedgehog underground issue demo [2011 DEstroy meMOries] in March 2011 , 9 tracks , many of them are uncomplete edtion of new songs , we do it in a lofi and smarshing way , sounds more like our live , 500 copes limited , you can get it in the coming up China tour during March 18th – April 22nd 2011.
  Time&Addr:Beijing XiSi N2 st. Rehearsal Room , 29th Jan 2011
  Record&Mix:Liu Feng Shuo
Buy the record on Taobao:
Or Download it here:

I’m not a big fan of noise rock really but this record/demo does it for me. I’m digging Hedgehog’s gloomy dark direction.

Gou Ri De 狗日的 S/T

I guess this can be translated as “Of Dog Days” or according to the band “motherf**r”… it’s a recent release from these kids in Yunnan, some of which are part of the Québec Redneck Bluegrass Project. It sounds good y’all! It’s funny how I’m starting to get back into hardcore recently with Black Flag and the likes… and this one fits right in.
It’s unfortunate that they broke up just as I heard of them but they do sound like extremely cool cats if I’m to go by this interview they did on a Kunming Expat Rag before their last show:
get the album over on Bandcamp:
hat tip to Nevin Domer of Maybe Mars for Gouride
there you go, dazeheads…. some tunes to keep you entertained during national day.
Keep you yes posted for more reviews with Glowcurve, Fever Machine and more coming soon.

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