King of the Road hits 2 Kolegas for a Trashing night with Rustic, LSDemons, Bad Shit and SUBS

wanna talk about silly crazy, pretty much out of control and borderline stupid chaos? then you’re referring to this past friday night when Trasher Magazine brought their King of the Road show to 2 Kolegas featuring Rustic, LSDemons, Bad Shit and SUBs along with skateboarders, free entry and open bar… yeah, you get my drift!!!

I got there around 9:30 to find the placed jam packed and getting ready for Rustic. The crowds were fairly rowdy, mostly due to their advanced stage of liquid refreshment.. things were about to get interesting! Rustic, fresh off their UK tour was more than willing to play along matching the audience tit for tat: When the moshing caused cables to go unplugged, Lucifer just jumped in the audience for a little crowd bath keeping they away from the equipment… it was the usual Rustic extravaganza with high kicks, screams, swaying hips and stupid drunkenness.

Next up was LSDemons who actually sounded and looked good. A seasoned veteran band used to dealing with trash talk, rowdy fans, mosh pits and chaos… They left quite a good impression as far as i was concerned and i would love to catch them again. They did have the crowd in a frenzy with rowdy shenanigans! At some point, Dustin (frontman) just walked off the stage to go grab a few beers and handed the mic out to some random dude that went up on stage for a couple of minutes… just really wild shit! At this point of the night, I pretty much gave up on standing anywhere next to the stage fearing bodily harm! Those fuckers were just nuts and an open bar didn’t help.

Bad Shit, consisting of Trasher Magazine editor in chief, Jake Phelps along with skating legend Tony Trujillo and his wife Trixie, failed to impress. Actually, Trixie did a pretty good job on the skins and Tony was commendable on bass/vocals. Couldn’t say as much about the “legendary” Jake Phelps who didn’t sound like he could play or sing his way out of a paper bag. Yeah sure, they had fire and cursing, even spitting in the audience but I can think of a band of Beijing bands that could clean the carpet with those guys.

SUBS closed the show quite late in the evening, at a point where everyone was so under the influence of whatever they ingested that it made things go even further down the road of crazy silly trashed shit. I was standing pretty much on the stage for their set and it was quite a revelation to witness Wu Hao’s guitar work from upclose. The guy keeps impressing me. The new lineup is gelling together nicely with new Bass and new Drums sounding like they belong. Kang Mao was her usual impressive self and more.. sometimes, she can go through the motions and still be good! Friday night, she killed it… absolute all-out, in-your-face, fierce, unleashed Kang Mao… and the audience ate it up.

A couple of notes on the night:
– I haven’t seen 2 kolegas that packed since ‘dazeFEAST… almost too packed
– The crowd that this event brought out is not the one I care to mix and mingle with. They were fucking drunk and stupid with violent tendencies towards the end of the night. A couple of fights almost broke out and were diffused last minute.
– When the venue has the right amount of people in it, shows just seem so much cooler/nicer. It’s almost like having bands in your living room with a few hundred of your closest buddies.
Jake Phelps is a fucking pretentious douchebag… if you’re a nihilist, you don’t go around drunk asking people if “they know who the fuck you are”
– The next night at D-22, fights unfortunately did breakout. That’s what you get when you let white trash in your house! and yes Trasher Mag deserves its name at least by association.

Still, Kudos to them and converse for giving us an educating and fun night of music… I’m stoked about seeing LSDemons whenever I get an opportunity next.

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11 Responses

  1. e-head says:

    Say what you will about the tenets of national socialism, at least it’s an ethos.

  2. e-head says:

    Yeah, never a good sign. See:

    Man I miss 2K………….

  3. trasher or thrasher? or deliberate?

  4. Beijing Daze says:

    actually just a slight overlook… but seems quite befitting!

  5. Ruby says:

    Much respect to Rustic & SUBS for putting on an awesome show, despite dealing with a bunch of drunk and violent idiots (I wont even call them fans, since they were probably only there for the free booze!)
    As for the other bands, well, swearing at the crowd may work in whatever trailer-trash town you come from, but it’s not going to make up for playing shite music. I gave them each 5 minutes and went back outside, and it didn’t even sound any better out there!
    Trasher or Thrasher or whatever you call yourself, thanks for the free booze, but next time you wanna do something like that bring some real bands, not a bunch of arrogant old skateboarders who think they’re god’s gift to music.

  6. bummer….i heard some shit went down at d-22 too? i remember seeing an overseas band in sydney one time – they played great music but their schtick was to be arrogant jerks, swearing at the audience and generally being assholes. i understand the confrontational aspect of performance but ultimately you’re just being assholes even if it is an act so why should i waste my time on people like that? sucked, cos i really dug their music.

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