Videos of Xie Tian Xiao gig in Tianjin: He still got it

Xie Tian Xiao, one of my favorite musicians, was touring around China for a little while over the past few weeks with among others, a stop in Tianjin on November 5th.
The economics of music are making it such that he doesn’t play Beijing outside of festivals right now which sucks… but oh well! At least, we got some videos of the gigs up on tudou! Here is a 9mn long edition of 是谁把我带到了这里.

I really like how the guzheng sound was incorporated in this one…. he still got it, ain’t he? There is about another half dozen songs from that gig, all of decent quality so head on over to tudou and listen to them.

here is also 永远是个秘密

can’t wait to catch him live again.

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1 Response

  1. zhang Si'an says:

    Yes he still has it ! Pretty good performance indeed.