Quickslants: Second Hand Rose, Muma, Subs, Voodoo Kungfu and More (updated)

Hellooo Beijing.. miss me?
I didn’t think so either. Ruby did an amazing job keeping the show on the road while I was out on an ear-cleaning mission. Many posts/comments coming up once I catch up but let’s first get started with some quick slants as tonight (wednesday) has some pretty darn solid offerings.

Wednesday Dec 21st

Muma & 3rd Party @ Yugong Yishan
One of the most intense performers I’ve seen this side of the big silly is back with a heavy hard hitting record. We’ve been waiting and talking about this one at ‘daze central for a few months already and the results will be heard tonight. I did get to sample a few of the new cuts and it’s very dark and industrial sounding (think NIN). I’m not sure how that’s gonna come of live, especially at Yugong Yishan. Still, Muma & 3rd Party are veterans coming off a national tour and this should be pretty darn solid.

Second Hand Rose @ Tango:
Good old funny veterans are back in Beijing playing a venue they have learned to control.. Their last gig over there was pretty darn amazing for the band’s 10th and I wouldn’t expect any less from the gang. They’ve also been out touring quite extensively this year so it should be quite tight. Cross-talk rock at its finest with a hint of drag and a whole lotta attitude.

Thursday Dec 22nd

Take a break and save yourself for the weekend…. It’s gonna be massive heavy and busy. Maybe a chilled Jazz set with Lauren Maur at Jianghu if you must have your fix.

Friday Dec 23rd

Voodoo Kungfu @ Mao
Li Nan and his shrieking vocals return to the catacombs of Mao Live where I saw their best show ever about 2 years ago. They’ve had an up and down year headlining MIDI’s big stage but getting disrespected during the summer sonic competitions which marked their last show in the capital. Li Nan has been angry since then and expect a torrential storm of heavy distorted riffs, sampled Tibetan sounds and all the freaks to be out there. It’s Dark Pagan Folk Metal at its best and and almost-religious experience.

Low Bow @ Old What:
They call it “One Man Trash Blues” and from what I’ve been hearing, that’s a very appropriate name! Low Bow mixes blues riff with interesting distortions and is borderline noisy. But this might be an interesting intimate affair over by the forbidden city. BIRDSTRIKING, ARM TRICK and Xiao Hong Yu Xiao Xiao Hong are the opening acts. This is a Jingwei show ( apparently some new music collective) and expect the new CDs up for sale for rmb10.

Saturday Dec 24:

OYS QSBS, DH & Steely Heart @ Yugong:
If I have to explain why you should be at this gig, they you have no business reading this blog, unless it’s your first time: Steely Heart, fresh of their album launch. Omnipotent Youth Society, the reigning darlings of the scene Not to mention DH and her hellcats, the reigning best live act according to City Weekend…. get there early and never leave your sport in the center. It’s gonna be a packed affair!
Note: Omnipotent Youth Society has been replaced on the bill by Queen Sea Big Shark. It’s a bit of a blow to those expecting to finally catch them but the bill is nevertheless still solid with Casino Demon as well as The Kiss of Syrius (2/3 of Joyside) added on

SUBS @ 2 Kolegas
oh yeah… nothing like being front stage and center at 2K looking at Kang Mao and her gang delivering some blistering riffs, screaming vocals and one hell of a good time. Support is courtesy of Candy Monster whom I still can’t figure out as well the ever entertaining all around ska-rriffic Skarving.

There u got it folks… busy busy busy… 2 extremely good shows head to head on wednesday and saturday! I’m looking at Muma most likely tonight then potentially a double trouble with first Yugong then off to 2 K on saturday. Gonna be interesting.

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  1. Ruby says:

    You picked a good time to return BD! Super excited about Muma tonight, he hasn’t played much this year and I’ve very impatiently been waiting to hear the new album. Voodoo Kungfu were an unexpected surprize on the line up at the Midi Awards and are in great form, definitely my kind of metal! And could this be the weekend I finally catch OYS? I’ve only missed them 5 times this year! But up against SUBS in their home base 2K, that’s gonna be a tough call …