Quickslants: Folk for the People, Bad Mamasan, Wan Xiaoli, Tea Quintet, Ma Tiao’s New Album, D-22’s last show and more

I’ve been trying to get the quickslants in early this week mostly for tonight’s show at Mako in support of the young Hasetie’er. Friday is gonna be one of those “it’s fucking hard to pick” which show to go to day with solid ass lineups all around town. Let’s get this baby started with my recommendations

Wednesday Jan 11th:

Hasetie’er : You’re Not Alone @ Mako
Mamer, Dawanggang, Wu Tun, Dongzi, Zhang Weiwei, Liu Kun, the Jam Band, Mural, Yerboli (the younger) and more join their musical talents to support a night of giving. The folk community in Beijing/China is amazing in terms of pulling their resources together and helping out those in need! Be there, it’s gonna be amazing!

Thursday Jan 12th:

Liu Kun @ Jianghu:
Low Wormwood’s frontman, Liu Kun, seems to be hanging around Beijing a lot lately. I oughta ask him about his favorite lanzhou mian place in this town when i get a chance. His brand of folk is quite interesting, earthy with western influences. Quite appropriate for a venue like Jianghu. Judging by how popular the gig was at Mako a while back, Jianghu might be packed.

Ma Tiao Album Launch @ Tango:
Well, the album is out. Ma Tiao has literally been around every show played in Beijing this past month. He popped up at Yugong Yishan during Muma’s performance. He was there at Tango during Su Yang’s show and he’s been promoting his new release. The New album is called “Master” or 高手. I’m sure there will be a pletora of guest performers/friends to support and lend a helping hand. I’m not sure how the record is but with Ma Tiao, your mileage might vary with each performance. I’ve seen him rock the house and i’ve seen him crap it out.

Friday the 13th:

Stay home and hide under a blanket… just kidding!

Bad Mamasan @ Temple
It’s been a few months since the last Bad Mamasan outing..equate it to letting the wild beast out of the cage after keeping them in there for far too long. I know J-Curls and Co. are decking the place out with a new drum riser and all kinds of goodies in honor of Friday the 13th. A guaranteed good time! New comers to the scene, Never Before, with Nico of Nakoma/Voodoo Kungfu will take care of the opening duties.

8 for veterans @ Yugong Yishan:
The who’s who of Chinese Rock royalty is getting together under a He Yong initiative to raise money for China’s retired veterans… There will be performances and auction among other thing taking place all night at Yugong. This show popped out of nowhere earlier last week and it’s interesting to see it come together so fast. Live action courtesy of He Yong, Brain Failure, Yaksa Metal, Long Shen Dao, Hao Yun, CMCB and Chi Ren… it’s sounding like a festival listing, ain’t it?

Mohanik @ D-22
The punksters have come all the way from Mongolia’s Ulaanbaatar to help close out this wudaokou institution in style. We’re promised a party that’s gonna go on til the wee hours of the morning.. a good chance to pay tribute/respect one last time…. for this is THE LAST SHOW

Saturday Jan 14th:

The Tea Quintet @ 2 Kolegas
The Beijinger’s Michelle Dai described this better than I could: “Who’d have thought that noise hypnotist Yan Jun, folk maverick Xiao He, academic guqin player Wu Na, underground multi-instrument nomad Li Daiguo and tea master Lao Gu would form a band together? They’ve played two shows in Bern and Basel, and their Beijing debut is scheduled for this month.
Interesting potential, he? If nothing else, it’s probably the last Hurrah at 2 Kolegas before they shut down for the winter.

Wan Xiaoli @ Mako
Wow.. Mako twice in a quickslant? The Hebei Folkster is ready to close out the year in shuangjing. I haven’t seen him play in quite some time so I have no idea what he’s been up to lately. He was always one of the more pessimistic singers around and I can’t think that this has changed much. The place is sure to be pretty busy as he is quite a legend around here.

Hell City @ Mao
look Ma! They’re all grown up! Hell City is finally getting their act together and releasing their record Saturday at Mao Live. expect Mohawks, punks, Doc Martens and shaved heads around along with the usual suspects.

Let’s get rocking folks!!

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