Holiday Quickslants: Temple Rules… Modernista Helps…

well my darlings, last week was i think the first time in over two years that the blog didn’t have quickslants… can you believe that? truth be said, pretty much all live music venues are closed and/or all musicians have taken the week off…. expect a few hard working souls over at Temple who have managed to keep the flag high and provide us with some decent rock n roll as we welcome the Dragon Year of Armageddon. It’s still slim pickings but at least, there is some stuff going on:

image from LEmonGraphics

Wednesday Jan 25th

Bluewolf @ Temple:
They’re described in the following words: “Bluewolf music style is a blend of flamenco and gipsy mixed with some touches of reggae & Xinjiangese folk music”.. sounds intriguing enough for me to check them out. Thanks to T, I’m getting into more minority music, especially Uighur and Kazakh.

Blackwater @ Modernista
Up on Baochao hutong, Modernista is starting to make some noise with their mix of style, drinks and personality. They’ve also been getting a steady diet of chilled mellow music! Tonight, they got the Irish flavored melodies of Blackwater. I haven’t seen Desmond and his gang play in quite some time so this could be a good day for that.

Thursday Jan 26th:

Saudade e Alegria @ Modernista
How about some Brazilian bossa nova? Again, I don’t know much about these kids but they’ve been the resident Thursday band over at Modernista and they can’t be that bad if they’ve played a few weeks in a row.. right? That’s what they tell me. Maybe a good opportunity to be open minded and check something else out.

Djan San @ Temple
Ze Frenchie is at it again with his mix of electro folk weirdness. I’m not the biggest fan of his experimentation but then again, I’m not a fan of sampling in general. Some people do like it so it’s worth a listen at least once. I know, it’s a resounding endorsement!

Friday Jan 27th:

Toy Head @ Temple:
From what I hear, it’s SKA flavored tunes by some folks who’ve been around the music industry for a while… again, sorry but not much to go on! slim pickings baby

Saturday Jan 28th:

Beijing Beatles @ Temple
Alright.. finally a band we actually know and can guarantee. These cats have taken Beijing by storm and their act works… everyone knows the songs and tends to sing along so what’s not to like? Get a few drinks, a few laughs, a few sing alongs and a lot of good times.

As you can see folks, it’s Temple, Temple and more Temple with a little Modernista thrown in there. The Electro Disco crowd is in much better shape with a few parties at Haze, Spark etc… but we don’t get into those, do we?

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