Quickslants: Women, Insurance Payback, Re-TROS, Jue Festival, the Bookworm and more

oh yeah babay.. it’s heating up in Beijing and I’m not talking about the weather that’s taken a dip again. Beijing is finally fully awake and we’re getting to that point where it’s tough picking which show(s) to go to. This Saturday is a prime example with good stuff all over the goddamn city from 798 to Tango with both Jue Festival and the Bookworm Literary Festival starting. So, to quote The Beastie Boys: Let’s Kick it…

Thursday March 8th:

Women’s Day at Starfish:
yeah, it’s a restaurant but the amazing Jess Meider is playing two sets between 6 and 8 pm, there will be whiskey cocktails courtesy of Stephanie Rocard and your truly. A cool celebration of women’s day in style to get your evening started!

Randy Abel Stable @ Temple:
How about that? what celebrated Women more than good old honky tonk tune from Beijing’s reigning kings of americana? I ran into Randy yesterday who casually mentioned new tunes and a possible marathon set with many songs touching on the topic of the day: Women… what can i say? grab a bourbon and holler along about double-timing, heartbreaking significant others.

Light & Love at Mao:
Not to be left out, Mao Live is putting together one a power punk show with some of Beijing’s underground female-fronted bands: First Medal, Cool Fish and more. This one will be a young student affair most likely and could be a cool little distraction for the early Gulou crowd.

Friday March 9th:

AIS @ 2 Kolegas:
I missed the return of AIS last week at Yugong but I’m fixing to be front row at 2 Kolegas on Friday. Ruby was quite positive about the gig and the smug smile on Jean Sebastian’s face later on that night told me that the picky Frenchman was happy with the set. I expect 2 Kolegas to be even better when these guys get loose. Mee Too ( pop punk) and Abominati (metal) share the opening duties.

Dong Chorus @ Yugong Yishan
This is one of the more interesting things i’ve seen pop up on the scene recently! The Dong Chorus dates back to the Spring and Autumn Period of ancient China, which has existed over 2500 years. It is the only polyphonic music in China using natural multi-voice to chorus in harmony, which is very different from the harmony of western. and just to make things even better, Wu Hongfei & Happy Avenue are the special guests. This is very freaking tempting

Tarot Saint Album Launch @ Mao
Interesting band that seems to get more respect from their peers than from the average metal fan. I don’t know too many of these bands in Beijing. They got their new record ready and they should be embarking on a tour again soon. I’m not quite sure who’s in charge of opening duties but you can expect a lot of leather jackets, jeans and mean looking people at Mao on friday night.

Saturday March 10th:

Jue Festival Market @ 798:
Showcasing all the events to come in the 2012 edition of JUE, with specialty vendors selling everything from creative handi-crafts to this year’s newest fashion designs, the JUE Market will also be home to a variety of interactive artworks, installations, and surprise musical guests throughout the day. A delectable array of gourmet delicacies, baked goods, and other fair foods will also be available – including a chocolate fountain! all day Saturday ( more info )

Bad Mamasan @ Temple:
Old school metal with balls… need me to say more? Temple will be loud, lewd, sleazy and fun, just like it’s supposed to be. Originals + a few outstanding covers will keep the night going. Jacky Danny is on opening duty that night so i WILL be able to watch them for sure. This is pretty much where my night will start on Saturday before moving on to

Re-TROS @ 2 Kolegas:
The other Beijing band that’s headed to SXSW ( I know, they’re not really beijingers but we claim them now). I hear rumors of new tracks and a new album around the corner. And even without those, I’d still head over there just because Re-TROS are intense and freaking awesome. One of my favorite acts to watch and listen to lately. Rolling Bowling & Candy Monster will open up the festivities. Originally, DH & The Hellcats were supposed to be on the bill but no more.

Sunday March 11th:

Country Bluegrass Workshop @ Hot Cat Club
Part of Jue festival, the Randy Abel Stable will lead a workshop in country music writing between 3 and 6 pm over at Hot Cat Club. This should be followed by a good old Marathon session again.

David Thomas Broughton @ Bookworm
experimental folk artist, and current Pyong Yang resident, David Thomas Broughton performs as his wide-eyed onstage persona. Remember that you can win 2 tickets to this event by entering our ‘daze contest ( What does a book sound like). I’ve heard that his performances are quite intense and I’m curious to hear about his experiences in North Korea

longest quickslants in a long long time folks…. this weekend will be freaking busy!

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3 Responses

  1. Jaime says:

    I’ll call the Re-Tros and tell them not to start until 12:30 or so when our show ends ;-).. then you’ll have time to race over there on the Badrcycle!

  2. Beijing Daze says:

    That is the plan buddy!!!

  3. jtdj says:

    Hotcat Club has got a cool show friday night also. A norwegian jazz trio called Excess Luggage – abe’s bringing them over from shanghai courtesy of Norwegian embassy – a weird combo of piano, b3 organ and drums. its only 50. any excuse to support hotcat.