up and coming: There’s a little Twinkle in this Star

Let’s take a break from the heavier, noisier and experimental sides of things for a little while and look at some bands on the opposite side of the spectrum: power pop/emo punk! There is one band I’ve been keeping an eye on for a little while now and they seem to be doing everything right since they reinvented themselves as Twinkle Star.

I caught them at 2 Kolegas a while back and really enjoyed their show: High energy levels, fun, trading instruments but nevertheless producing quality songs.. They also gave themselves out 100% onstage much to everyone’s delight. I like that… Zhao Meng rocks a mean bass and can even do lead vocals on some songs, Xiao Yu is a good frontman and the rest of the band keep up with them.

Call me a hater-biased-cum-rock-metal-loving whatever, I think I can appreciate quality when i see it… Twinkle Star has it!
What I’m also enjoying from the band is their apparent work ethic, communicating with fans, getting singles out, making music videos, merchandise and what not. This is a band that knows how to do things right in my book! These kids take their craft seriously, are putting in the hours and carrying themselves like stars without the attitude ( think about an Emo Punk Maggie Who).

They’ve already played MIDI and Strawberry without the benefit of a huge name recognition and I expect good things to come out for these kids in the future!
Here is the video for the single “The End of the new Beginning”

The band is currently touring around China so if they come your way, go and see them… they make me remember that it’s fun to play music!

check out their Douban:
Get the latest record off taobao:

I got my guilty pleasures too 😉 this one is genuine… and I want one of those T-shirts.

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