Gig Review Roundup: AIS, Bad Mamasan, Jacky Danny, Abominati, Me Too and more

Too many shows over the past week and not enough time to review them individually. Nevertheless, there is much to be said about each:

Longjing @ Temple (March 7)
I stopped by Temple thinking it would be an off night but turns out reggae outfit, Longjin, was playing. These guys have been touring China a lot lately, probably capitalizing on the reggae wave which i’m sure is just starting. Musically, they didn’t do too bad. I was less than impressed by the performance of frontwoman, Feifei! She looked bored up there and the audience responded in kindness. Considering these guys have been around since 2007, I expected a lot better.

Randy Able Stable @ Temple (March 8th )

My first of two encounters with the stable that week. What can I say that I haven’t written about them yet? They’re good, they’re tight and they’re fun to watch. I love their covers but I’m also digging the originals that Randy and Co have been working on. Expect a single and a video to be out soon for the song ” Second bar to the right”. Coincidentally, if you haven’t, check out their soundcloud. Plenty of good recordings up there from their gigs around Beijing.

AIS, Me Too & Abominati @ 2 Kolegas (March 9th)

Me Too is improving folks.. these kids might still have a bright future on the scene if they keep at it. I’m digging what they’re doing and how they’re getting tighter on stage. Check them out if you get a chance! I can’t quite label their sound yet but they are doing interesting things.
The Amazing Insurance Salesmen came on next and rocked the shit out of 2 Kolegas. Everything Ruby wrote about them being back is true (see her review). I didn’t realize how much I missed this band. Welcome back, salesmen… can i buy some insurance now? I love how Maikel is now contributing to background vocals.
Abominati came on next and what can i say? It was an abomination! The singer had an interesting voice and presence but it’s been a long time since I heard a bass & drum so out of sync. If you’re gonna try and cover Crazy Train or Highway to Hell, you better be able to pull it off. They could not!.. a freaking abomination

Bad Mamasan & Jacky Danny & Temple: (march 10th)
Originally, I planned on checking out the RE-TROS but word came around that they went on first at 2 Kolegas, played 3 songs and left.. not cool because I know a lot of people who planned on going there just for them…

anyways, I finally got my chance to check out Jacky Danny‘s new lineup in person and I liked it. The sounds at Temple was a bit off that night but the kids came on for 30minutes and put on one hell of a performance. I love that style of hard rock and I really wanna see how far they can go. Li Bo’s voice and charisma work well.

Bad Mamasan came on next and proceeded to do what they do best: rock the shit out of the place! plenty of Beijing’s Metal elite were on hand moshing away as the band ripped through originals and covers alike. The originals are slowly sinking in but there’s no denying the amazing reaction they get when they launch into highway Star or Ace of Spade. They premiered a new one saturday, Metallica’s Creeping Death, that sounded beyond awesome. The band didn’t seem happy with themselves after the gig but i had a shitload of fun! I thought Jaime’s voice was finally where it needed to be: lower, darker, more aggressive! As much fun though as it is to have them at Temple, it’s just not a good venue for them. They need to be louder and have more space to roam the sage. I’d actually love to see them at Mao Live when the sound is right.. that’s a great pit for them. 2 Kolegas works too. just please no more Yugong.

There u go folks.. still got a Roxette review coming your way.

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1 Response

  1. Ruby says:

    I’ve seen Longjin once and have been actively avoiding them since – boring sums it all up really. These kids are no Long Shen Dao!

    Thanks to the RAS on Women’s Day playing ‘this one (or was that 10?) for the laaadies’ – and yes, that did sound just as creepy each time Randy said it!

    BD, you didn’t believe me about AIS?! I may be their no.1 fan, but I know when they’re in form! Abomination need to stay out at 13Club, where I don’t have to hear them massacre Sabbath again.

    I was disappointed to arrive at 2K after Death Cab only to find out Re-Tros had already packed up and gone home! But the night was saved by a great sets from WHAI (bring back the guzheng!) and Rolling Bowling.