King Ly Chee Takes Mao Live to School – Hardcore Rock n Roll to Blow You Away

I had been hearing about King Ly Chee for quite sometime now but never really took the time to check them out until they were scheduled to stop by Beijing about a week ago. I was aware of their reputation and was pretty darn impressed when they got a shout out from none other than Biohazard during the Intercity Music Festival last year. How would they measure up live, in the flesh?

I got to Mao a bit late but still managed to catch a few songs by Return the Truth who are growing on me. I’ve been impressed with each and everyone of their outings over the past few months even though i have not managed to catch a full set yet。

They were followed by The Falling who pretty much failed to convince me that night: Some of their songs sounded solid and the band had plenty of stage presence, more so than many of their brethren i’d dare say. but on too many songs, the singer was completely off! When they were on, especially towards the end of their set, they rocked. I must say that they’re much better now than when they opened for Lamb of God a few years back. but they’re gonna need to step up their game a few notches if they’re headed to Wacken

Finally, it was time for King Ly Chee to come out and play… and that’s what they did!! The Hong Kong-ers came out like a bat out of hell and unleashed a brutal onslaught unto the 300 or so fans that packed Mao Live. Instead of remotely trying to explain or describe what took place, I’d rather let you guys see it with your own eyes:

That how we got started folks, with a song called 这是我新的开始 and we never looked back! for a good 60mn, the band kept the aggression levels high while the fans kept moshing and pumping their fist. It was relentless from both sides and I hadn’t seen anything like this in quite some time! What made it so special?

Riz is one hell of a frontman! Constantly interacting with the audience and keeping up the intensity. I’m hoping some of the kids in the audience took notice
– Musically, these guys were tight as fuck! They are professionals and you can see/hear/smell the difference. it was a joy!

– The showmanship was outstanding! There was no shoegazing and no pretense. Everyone was out there to get wild and bloody hell did they get wild.
– The audience knew all the songs, in English and Mandarin. Having them all sing along with the bands and sometime even just take over the mic from Riz was something beautiful
– Sometimes, I get bored in a show… not this one! The energy levels were through the roof with both the band and the audience feeding off each other and keeping the intensity high.
– Best and longest mosh pit i’ve seen in China by far. As e-head once remarked, a moshpit here tends to go for about 20 seconds. not that night! they last for a while.
– I can’t actually think of anything bad or any negatives as far as their set goes… I just can’t!

If you can’t tell, I was blown away folks! I’d recommend catching King Ly Chee whether it’s your kind of music or not! They are very much worth it. I wasn’t too familiar with their past catalog but i still throughly enjoyed being there and mumbling along! The show closed beautifully with the band inviting everyone who wanted to come up on stage and sing with them Ace… in line for one of the best performances of the year in my book.

What saddens me though is how far the local bands are from reaching that level… with a few exceptions, even the ones that have been around for over a decade cannot hold a candle to what King Ly Chee did that night.

Thank you guys… i needed a refresher to clean my ears!

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2 Responses

  1. e-head says:

    Maybe as the kids in the crowd harden up and are able to maintain a mosh through complete songs and large chunks of a set, they will start to be more disciplined in their approach to making music as well. You can’t just put in a half-hearted effort because that is what you’ve seen and heard so you think if you demonstrate it just a little bit then that’s fine, because no-one else around you is putting in much more of an effort – that last sentence was about moshing AND making music.

    “You think that, you’re really hard,
    You think, that you can mosh,
    Got your suspenders, and got your boots,
    You better wear armor, you fucking fool!
    WE MOSH! Until we die!
    WE MOSH! Until you fry!
    You think, that you can try,
    But can you do… the MILANO MOSH!”
    – Stormtroopers Of Death

    Great video, jealous again!