Sainkho Namtchylak in Beijing June 30

Sainkho who? yeah, that’s what I told myself yesterday when i ran into this listing for a June 30th show at Mako in Beijing.
Now, I’m beating myself up over the head for not knowing who this lady was beforehand all while being extremely grateful that i found out about it ahead of time.
So. who is Sainkho?

from All Music:

With her shaved head and seven-octave range, Sainkho Namtchylak would stand out on any stage. Add her particular mix of Tuvan throat-singing and avant-garde improvisation, and she becomes an unforgettable figure … [more]

They’re not exaggerating… it’s like a weird mix of Yoko One meets Morsheeba meets Patti Smith meets Hanggai. See for yourself:

I think i know where I want to be on June 30th…

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