Quickslants: Conspiracies, Cannibals, Poets, Folksters and more

Quite a diverse set of offerings awaits the music faithful this weekend. I mean we’re talking everything from electro to good old fashioned trash metal with a little flavor of postrock. it’s really feeling like all the venues are loading up for the last few days of warm weather with some big ass solid shows planned over the next couple of weeks, especially towards the end of the month. but we’ll get to that in due time.. let’s see what we got just ahead of us first:

Friday October 19th:

Ajinai @ JIanghu
The weeks go by and the goodbye shows multiply. it’s Ajinai’s turn to stop by the hutongs and pay tribute to one of their favorite stomping grounds. They’ve been really really active lately promoting the band overseas and they’re set for a Hanggai style push soon. Good guys and good grassland Mongol throat singing.

Pet Conspiracy @ Yugong
another year, another LP for the electro quartet. This one is called “return from the future” and it’s pretty much picking up where the last album left off…. expect a lot of beats, guitars, costumes, good times and decent sounds with one of the few bands that actually sounds good at Yugong Yishan.

Jacky Danny @ Temple
keeping with different registers, old ‘daze favorites, Jacky Danny, are out of their hiding holes and into the Temple. As far as i know, there’s a record in the works and the kids are itching to play… i expect some lewd crude and sleazy times to descend upon Gulou…. i’m actually excited. Special Guest: Executants of the Sword whom i’ve never heard of but i just love their name.

Saturday October 20th

Cannibal Corpse @ Yugong Yishan
Painkiller Mag pulled off a big one for their 12th year anniversary: bringing over the giants of Death Metal… trust me folks, in this month of high tensions, this is no small feat. I still question the choice to play at Yugong Yishan which is just horrible in my opinion but paperwork dictated this one. Organizers have been happy with sales and it;s looking like a packed affair so get your moshing on!! Nakaram and HYonblud open the festivities.

Poets Night @ 2Kolegas
this is Beijing at its finest: poetry, music and visual effects all combined in one spot for one night only: Bringing together slam poets Luka Lesson, Omar Musa and Bohdan Piasecki with Beijing dance-pop band Residence A, this is going to be a celebration of music and poetry you won’t want to miss. last time i saw Luka Lesson, he blew me away with his poetry.. beautiful spoken words!! can’t say the same for his hip hop though 😉

Kamila @ Blue Stream
i’ve been a big fan of the sultry Afghan-Canadian singer for years and really believe her to be one of the more underrated singers/performers in the city. The stuff she recorded with her sister years ago is really catchy and cool, so are her own creations that i’ve heard either in reggae bands, bossanova or even samba. I have no idea what she’s up to lately but it’s gotta be good.

Sunday October 21

Metal night @ Mao
an interesting mix of bands is showing up at Mao sunday night but the ones i’m really interested in are 9 Treasures (jiu Bao) and Tenger Cavalry…. these two are making a name for themselves with really good folk/pagan metal and i’m digging what they’re doing big time. they’re definitely worth checking out anytime you get a chance.

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  1. ruby says:

    “… with a little flavor of postrock
    Well, since you mentioned it … there’s a good little show on at Mako this evening (Fri) with Glow Curve, Pentatonic, Bloody Woods & LILISAY. Pentatonic haven’t played in quite some time, and may possibly have some new stuff as well.