New Pairs Album Available… Get Grandparent Now

i’m not usually big on this new lo-fi/whatever bands but, as they say in French, Il faut rendre a Cesar ce qui appartient a Cesar… (look it up)
in this case, i gotta mention Pair’s new album, Grandparent, that i just heard today and was actually impressive. I don’t expect much from noise/whatever-label but this is a nice record folks and i was surprised by how melodic and structured in sounds. expect a review sometimes soon

in the meantime, you can get Grandparent from Bandcamp or Douban… it’s worth the download


there’s rumors of a special packaged USB key and videos for each song but i haven’t managed to see them yet. color me curious

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5 Responses

  1. Andy Best says:

    The videos are half out (first 4) on Youku and Youtube at the moment and are all over the regular Shanghai blogs. I have “Gig of the Week” on mine.

  2. Beijing Daze says:

    thanks andy.. will go hunting for them now.

  3. xz says:

    Thanks for this!

    There were only 80 Grandparent USB’s made. We’ll bring some to Beijing on Dec 1, but probably not many. If you want me to hold one for you, just shoot us an email wearepairs (at)

    All our vidoes thus far have been posted on our Weibo:


  4. Andy Best says:

    I have one of the USBs, it’s cool. has the album tracks, some demos, all the vids and a making of vid too. Only problem is that it’s made for putting in your computer but the tracks have no metadata or standard organisation etc. But it only takes a few minutes to edit them in your MP3 player – and it’s free!

    I can feel ok about it cos I have been to / go to shows and pay to enter. So when they come to BJ next, we must push to get people in.

  5. simon says:

    rhys is a GC but USBs are whack – this should have been pressed up on 8 individual one-sided 5″ vinyls with the videos on betamax