Cannibal Corpse Live in Beijing – See the Video

I was really excited when i heard Cannibal Corpse was coming to Beijing and I was severely disappointed when the gig got moved last minute from Yugong Yishan to The One as my other commitments prevented me from making it so early.
I’m not gonna get into the how or why it was moved… maybe some other time.

by all accounts, the gig was a success and everyone who went had one hell of a good time watching CC play for one and a half hours.. here is 70mn of it

looking and sounding good… i’ll try and track down the other half when time is available.
congrats again to Painkiller Mag on 12 years of Metal and hats off for making this happen despite all the hurdles they faced.

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1 Response

  1. It was awesome!!!!!!! I was first row all the time, haha!