Quickslants: Dark Funeral, Bonfire Folk, Low Wormwood and more..

TGIF may babies of the rock n roll… and it is indeed a good friday with more music than you can shake a stick at, especially tonight. Quickslants are picking up this late habit but i’ll try and get back on this horse sooner than later.
In the meantime, let’s see what’s cooking in this musical pressure cooker

Friday Nov 9

Bonfire @ 2Kolegas
Randy Abel Stable and friends get together in the drive in and supposedly huddle around a good ol fire outside while singing about women, whiskey and outlaws. I love these guys and it ain’t no secret.. i just hope i can make it there in time to catch them play. i expect a late one.

Metal Madness @ Yugong
Hyonblud will releases their album with support from Ritual Day, Crack, Ready To Die, Jin Na Luo as well as Heavy Duty… this one is gonna be brutally loud by the looks and sound of it, especially for Hyonblud who are exploding in the metal scene right now. Their performance closing for Cannibal Corpse didn’t go unnoticed and the noise is real. this ain’t no cracker jack rock.

Low Wormwood @ Blue Stream
the lanzhou crooners are back in Beijing again.. they might as well just move into the city. I caught them a few weeks back at Jianghu and they were as good as ever. I expect the intimate nature of Blue Stream to add some charm to this one. IF not tonight, they also play saturday at Jianghu again.

16min @ JIanghu
talking about Jianghu, my favorite new band of the year, 16min, is there tonight. I got an email from their guitarist informing me that the sound has changed a bit and that the band was getting more serious about recording which is welcome news to me. I’d love to hear “Run Away” after a producer gets their hand on it.

Saturday Nov 10

Brain Failure @ Tango
last time these cats played Tango, it was damn near a riot. Crowd was so freaking into it that one couldn’t help but be sucked in. They got themselves a new record and there’s a tour to support it… trust me when i say that they’re still hungry musically. DeeDee was genuinely excited about this release last time i spoke to him.

Six Club Anniversary @ Mao Live
not a bad bill for this saturday show: Residence A, Finger Family, Toy Head, No Fish, MC Han & Song, Bucky Ball, and Sophie’s Garden will play the anniversary of this promoter. They’ve been supporting all the new young hard rock bands and they’re looking to keep doing it. I like this bill’s potential to discover some cool new bands. If Ruby wasn’t on tour, i’m sure she’d be there front row

Sunday Nov 11

Painkiller 12th @ Mao Club 13
well, here’s hoping that this one will go without a hitch. the folks at Painkiller have spent a lot of time, effort, blood and sweat over the past 12 years to keep the horns up and metalhealth in China. Tonight, Dark Funeral, legends of the scene, land in old smoggy for a sunday night extravaganza that’s gonna leave ya with a stiff neck. i swear… Ritual Day, Evilthron and Wrath of Despot will be on hand for opening duties.
Note: We received an update from Painkiller Mag saying the show was moved to 13 Club. Please read on:

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  1. Ahhh… I am looking forward to Dark Funeral.

    Expect me in the Jing 🙂

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    hey man cheers for the write up! will send you our new ep once it’s done 🙂