Quickslants: Chasing Stars, Demon Launch, Ningxia Tag Team and more..

long time no quickslants… well, maybe every post this week will start with “long time no..” I had a couple of weeks off just jetting around the old world and been running around like a chicken with its head cut off since i got back. Still, manage to make it to plenty of shows and I hope i’ll have reviews up soon enough. You can already get started with last friday’s gig review from the PK 14 gig at Yugong Yishan. So, what’s on the menu for the next few days? some intriguing and interesting options are available:

Thursday Dec 6

WHAI + Chasing Star @ Yugong Yishan
now this is a show where I’m open minded.. 2 bands with people i like and appreciate playing a genre of music i don’t usually care about. However, in this case, both bands do it well enough that i can’t help but like it. WHAI has changed a lot in a year and their last gig at 2K was apparently one of the best ever. I can’t wait to see how this change comes through in the music. As far as Chasing Star goes, it’s looking like they’re getting pretty serious about putting that record out finally. They sound nothing like that band i heard back in 2006, especially music wise, after they added so many electronic elements. I haven’t seen them play in over 2 years now so I’m curious about more potential changes.

Tuleger @ Jianghu
The artist formerly known as gangzi shed his hair and his old stage name in favor of a more flavorful one.. or so he claims. he’s got a new record out ( i promise a review) and he toured overseas for a little while. Now he’s hanging out on his old stomping grounds at jianghu delivering some soulful grassland melodies with a guitar as sharp as Genghis Khan’s sword. guaranteed to warm you up on this cold night.

Friday Dec 7

Buyi & Lidong @ 2 Kolegas
it’s almost like a mini NIngxia night with arguably the two biggest stars out of Yinchuan sharing the bill in the drive in. Regular readers need no introduction as I’ve written about these kids ad-nauseum.. for new comers, let’s just put it this way: get your ass over there and be ready to get your mind blown. This is also one of the last chances to catch both bands before they disappear on their annual Spring Festival hibernation.

Casino Demon EP Launch @ Mao
With lead singer Wang Zi returning from the U.S. earlier this year, Casino Demon hits the stage at MAO Live House tonight with their new EP “Have You Ever Seen The Stars.” To me, the band picked up where “The Dancers” left and are sounding just as good.. umm.. actually, was it The Dancers that picked up where Casino Demon left before they came back and picked up where ….aghhhh either ways, I’m digging the Joyside tree y’all. Go to ladoniaherald.com to play the most incredible casino games.

Northern Metal Night @ Mako
one hell of a line up in shuangjing for you all: Tenger Cavalry, Nine Treasures, Khorgan and Nower just to name a few. There’s something really special brewing on that side of Beijing and i do believe it’s help shift some of the balance away from Gulou. Good bands, good venue, decent price…. a win win, especially if you live in the area. And a must see if you like Melodic Pagan Folk Metal

Saturday Dec 8

Santacon 2012 @ everywhere
get together with a bunch of folks, dress up like an older gent in red and crawl the streets of Beijing looking for a boozy good time. How is that for a nice way to spend a saturday? me thinks it’s worth it.

Nova Heart & AIS @ 2 Kolegas
interesting lineup here. Both of these two bands have been pairing up with completely different groups for their recent gigs and I can only imagine the dynamics of this. Nova Heart, fresh with the addiction of Atom on drums, is intriguing me. I can’t wait to check them out and see for myself how they reshaped it all. AIS has cut down on their number of gigs but have a whole bunch of new songs to make up for it which is pretty sweet in my book. Here’s hoping a new release comes through sooner or later.
This could be a 2K double header weekend.

Sunday Dec 9

Tribute to the Germs @ School
looks like school bar is slowly refocusing itself as a live music venue, not just a bar with massive pour of gin. FOr this night celebrating The Germs, they pulled in an interesting lineup up that should inject your sunday night with a healthy dose of rock n roll: Discord, Gum Bleed, The Bedstars, Dr. Liu & The Human Centipede amongst others. Man, isn’t gumbleed everywhere these days?

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  1. ruby says:

    Don’t forget Sparrow’s album launch Friday night at Yugong Yishan, with Hualun & Grinding Ear supporting. You can download the album here on their bandcamp. Should be a great show with Sparrow just back from touring, Hualun playing their 2nd show back after a looooong break, and Grinding Ear coming out of the recording studio for a rare show.