Quickslants: Apocalypse Saturday with Suyang, Cui Jian, DaBang and More….

Beijing, i love you! Beijing, I fucking hate your guts for weekends like this one: couldn’t you spread these gigs over the month instead of putting them all in one freaking day? I want to see them all damn it!
If you don’t get my rant, read on and see why i’m ticked off that there is so much on offer over the next 3 days:

Friday Dec 14

Friend or Foe @ 2Kolegas
The Shanghai trio is back in town promoting a remixed version of last year’s album and they’re calling it appropriately: “what have you done with my claw”.. To be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of the remix but i do love the band’s live stage and had tons of fun with them last time they played the drive-in. Joining them tonight you’ll find Devils at the Crossroad, Residence A along with Thruoutin. I predict fun fun fun fun.

Tookoo & The Reason @ School
what? school has live music? yep, since last week, the bar has been reborn as a live music venue and that’s long overdue. They’re set for their musical onslaught with a double album release night from two pretty good bands. It’s bound to get interesting over at wudaoying hutong.

Saturday Dec 15

Cui Jian @ Wukesong
The godfother is back and he’s ticked off according to his latest interview on timeout. He’s still cursing with the best of them and still pissed off enough at society. Can we get a new album now? Seriously though, this is China Rock n Roll royalty at its best and he’s headlining Wukesong. I expect a packed house and lots of red flags.

Su Yang @ MAko
He comes to Beijing once a year, in December, to deliver an emotionally charged performance that no one can argue with. Last year, he had Tango on its knees and this blogger jumping up and down like a teenage girl with a crush. Seriously though, you want music with emotion and no prevention? this is where it’s at tonight and most likely where i will be.

Suffocated @ Tango
talking about music with no pretentious, Suffocated takes over Tango for their 15 year anniversary. This is hard nosed, powerful, honest and straight up Metal like you don’t get everyday. Their dies hard fans will be in the house and they will be taken through a guitar onslaught like no other. Another ace.

Da Bang @ Yugong Yishan
this one is the dark horse of the night! I butchered the band last time i heard them play live but they’ve changed since. I like what i’ve heard from the new album and the direction they’re taking. It’s as if someone smacked some sense into Pupi and she decided to become a singer again.

Sunday Dec 16

MIDI awards at M Space
MIDI Awards are back for a 4th edition and they’re quite interesting as you might have read in an earlier post. I’m not exactly overwhelmed by the list of acts playing but it’s a solid lineup with Brain Failure, Yaksa, Dongzi, Escape Plan, Ordnance, Chuanzi and Nova Heart. Still, this is the most interesting edition of the awards so far with some amazing nominations.

Zhou Yun Peng @ Mako
the legend lands in Mako… people talk about Cui Jian a lot but ZYP has done his share of socially aware songs and pissed off his share of officials. He might not have eyes but he’s got vision and he’s got power. This is gonna be another one of those massive gigs with sing-alongs. Can’t go wrong! if ZYP is not enough, Wu Tun is on the bill as well.

Immerse Your Soul in Love @ Yugong Yishan
It’s holiday season and it’s a snowy cold one. Why not Join folk and rock stars like Billowing Fairy Tale, Ma Tiao, Miserable Faith and more for this twilight charity event to benefit the elderly street people of Beijing. Have a heart and fork out for the stellar lineup as much as the grandmas and grandpas of the streets.

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  1. ruby says:

    i need three of me every night this weekend, sigh

    for anyone who doesn’t make it out to 2k tonight, friend or foe are playing temple on saturday with my new fave band the dyne, who are currently recording with yang haisong – expecting big things from them in the new year 🙂