Quickslants: Top Floor Circus, Perpetual Motion, Beatles, Blackwater, Grunge and more..

it’s friday already.. my oh my! time been flying folks.
what’s in store for the next 3 nights?


Friday Jan 18th:

Top Floor Circus & Wu Tiao Ren @ Moma
As a mentioned in the news earlier, this is one hell of a gig. TFC are an amazing live act and WTR’s reputation precedes them. THey released a pretty decent album earlier this year and are doing the rounds. Did I mention that I’m pleasantly surprised at th efforts of MOma in putting together this series of gigs?

Perpetual Motion Machine @ Blue Stream
The band is headed to the west side of gulou for a preview of their new album. I really dig the direction, professionalism and attitude that these kids are displaying. They’re talented, play a mean prog rock and have the marketing smarts.. Ruby might also argue that they got the looks…

Lao Wu & Acid Live @ Temple
Wu Ning ye (buyi) and Acid Live pair up for a fusion of sounds from electronic, jazz and folk at Temple. It might be a nice opportunity to check out something different and see lao Wu away from Buyi.. he plays a mean guitar, got a gritty sound and I hear the rest of the crew know what they’re doing as well.

Saturday Jan 19

Slap @ Yugong Yishan
You think you speak chinese and understand the puns? go catch slap and see if you can make sense of what they sing. poetic sarcastic lyrics have never sounded this good or witty in the mainland.

Blackwater @ VA
what? VA? wasn’t this name barred from the blog? I hear they got their act straight and improved the attitude. THey’ve also apparently lowered the drink prices. I haven’t seen Blackwater play in forever and could use me a little Whiskey in the Jar or some of good ol’ Des’ humour.

Beijing Beatles @ Temple
Temple is on fire this weekend… and who throws a party there better than the Beijing Beatles? everytime they play, the place is packed and the music just pumping out of their instruments and mouths all night long… it’s a cover band on viagra that will get your blood pumping over and over and over and over again.

Sunday Jan 20th

Chinese Grunge @ Mao
another themed edition at Mao Live bringing together the other type of noisemakers: the grunge boys… Drunkard, Crappy Tobacco, Speed Limit 80 and Mud & Lotus will be performing doing their best Cobain impersonation in the Mao pit for you. I’ve only seen Mud & Lotus before and they were definitely not bad. Curious to see what remains of Grunge in this city because other than Nucleus, I’ve rarely been impressed.

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