Slash in China: Shanghai Confirmed..

Ladies and Gents,


2013 is indeed looking pretty good! After falling through last year, China is set to welcome Slash!! Yes, that Slash, top hat Slash, guitar shredding Slash.
The deal has been in negotiations for a while and I’ve been holding out on the information but it’s dotted and bar any last minute snafu, Slash w/ Myles Kennedy will be coming to Shanghai venue near you in May. Beijing is watching green with envy but we might still get our turn. Stay tuned for updates whenever I’m allowed to give them out.
This is big for quite a few of the shredders in China… As far as what’s been confirmed, it’s gonna be a smallish venue and i expect the tickets to be on the higher end of things. now, who’s gonna plan a may trip to Shanghai?

3 Responses

  1. Archie says:

    he’s still got a mighty hot bod

  2. pocket says:

    slash Masters I have always regarded you as the goal of my guitar on the road has been advancing towards you I like hard rock you encouraged me you have been my idol very much hope you will go to China I will see your concertcan