Dreamer Festival 2013 – Azure Ray, Shan Ren, Omnipotent Youth Society and More

well well well! did you think festival season was already over? Heck no!!
With all the debates and chats about MIDI, Strawberry and the cancelled dongpai, the 2013 Dreamer Festival of Indie Music almost slipped through the crack and maybe that’s not a bad thing. too much publicity might bring undue scrutiny from the powers that be. Either way, they have quietly set themselves up for a 2 day extravaganza this coming weekend at the Chaoyang Sports Center.

There is a decent lineup of indie international acts that you don’t get too often, most of which will be playing around town in the next few weeks including Child ( from Mexico), Azure Ray, Swedish sensation Sophie Zelmani and a few others. Now ordinarily i wouldn’t spend too much time writing about popyy indie stuff but in the case of Dreamer Festival, the local lineup is really what grabbed my attention: Omnipotent Youth Society, Shan Ren, Low Wormwood, Wu Hongfei and Happy Avenue along with Zhou Yunpeng are all there. And those bands put together are definitely worth the admission ticket, even the hassle of getting out there.
The only band i don’t see fitting this whole lineup is Ataraxia, an Italian post-renaissance band that does some intriguing things.
Heck, it’s comparatively easy if you just had to deal with MIDI or Strawberry…

Here is the lineup:


Also not the presence of Hang on the Box and Hong Kong’s My Little Airport…. If shoegazing and dreamy pop is your thing, this ain’t a bad weekend for you.

When: May 18-19, 8:00-22:00
Where: Chaoyang Sports Center, 77 Yaojiayuan Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Price: 100 RMB (one-day presale), 148 RMB (two-day presale), 130 RMB (at door, one-day)
Tickets: http://www.damai.cn/ticket_49284.html

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